Makers and Riders 3 Season Epodic NeoShell Weatherproof Trousers

In 2010 Nonetheless Garments launched with crowd funding help via Kickstarer. The campaign was a success, and from it came an environmentally sound line of clothing made in Chicago, IL. They used cradle to cradle production to produce unique clothing that was equally at home on the bike, at the mountain, in the office, or just sitting around the house. Nonetheless Garments has now morphed into something even more special. The new company is called Makers and Riders. The DNA of Nonetheless has certainly been carried over, and the design and quality have been pushed even further.

Makers and riders is changing up the breathability claims game. Clothing breathes thanks to diffusion.  Basically the moisture (from your sweat) combined with body heat create enough pressure that the water vapor finally makes its way through the fabric. This works ok for a hardshell that is totally waterproof, but we all know, you sweat like a stuck pig wearing a rain jacket more often than not. The Makers and Riders soft-shell tech gives up full waterproofness for a big gain in breathability. Their clothing makes use of convection. This means that the airflow is more constant, which allows for more water vapor to escape.

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Makers and Riders 3 Season Epodic NeoShell Weatherproof Trousers Rear

3-Season Epodic NeoShell Weatherproof Trousers: $195

These pants feature a familiar five pocket design. There is more freedom in the crotch thanks to the Gull Wing Gusseted design. The pocket bags are deep, and they feature a self-cleaning, wicked dry management system. The pants make use of a waistband gripper to keep them in place. The fit is slim, similar to a Levi’s 511 jean, and it has an Anti-Sprocket leg opening of seven inches. A 3M Scotch Guard coating is present, and the trousers are odor resistant. There is a pair headed our way for review, so stay tuned.

Makers and Riders 3-Season Suprema Weatherproof Pants

3-Season Suprema Weatherproof Pant: $195

These are also slim fitting, but they feature a bit more room in the thigh area. They again use the five pocket design, Gull Wing Gusseted crotch, and waistband gripper. The Anti-Sprocket seven inch leg opening is present, and they have deep pocket bags for comfortable, safe storage of your mobile, keys, etc.

Makers and Riders 4 Season Modular Wool Pants

4-Season Modular Wool Pant: $159

These beauties are a real stand out. They are made from a polyester created from recycled plastic bottles. The fabric is 46% wool, 51% recycled polyester, and 3% spandex. The features list reads identical to the Suprema Pants above, with the main difference being the fabrics used.

Makers and Riders 4-Season Commutist Wool Shirt

4-Season Commutist Wool Shirt: $165

To match those fancy woolen pants, Makers and Riders have your top half covered with their wool commuter shirt. A front zip chest pocket is present. There is an expandable vertical seam in the rear for increased mobility. Long arms and gusseted armpits keep up the increased mobility theme. The rear includes a storage pocket. Up front the hem is shorter and has a hidden button closer that is designed to keep the garment closer to the body.

Not sure the pants are exactly what you want? Well you are in luck.  Makers and Riders gives you a free 14 day trial of their pants and wool items. Hit up the site for full details.

Those are the staples of their lineup. However, a peak at the Makers and Riders site will show you they have some oddities and rarities for sale as well; vintage 1955 denim jackets that were intended for use by inmates, a Dutch military shirt, and a time tested M-65 Belgium military jacket.


  1. Interesting stuff.

    But really, “oder resistant?” Where’s the copy editing? Heck, where’s the spell check? It’s not that this one goof is so offensive…it’s more the ongoing pattern of editorial indifference.

    I really like Bike Rumor and will continue to read it, but you guys are better than this.

    I’m a former journalist, so this stuff matters to me more than most people, but it *does* matter.

  2. Be warned. We had numerous team members purchase (and fully pay for) clothing from Nonetheless Garments, yet after numerous e-mails, calls, and a year gone by none of them have received their clothing OR refunds.

  3. I’ve had a same experience as Andrew. Jonathan Shaun, the owner, is an internet thief. He’ll take your money, and – whooosh.
    I am sorry to see Bike Rumor provide an advertising space for such practices. You guys may want to research a bit the background of these “entreperneurs”.

  4. NOTE: “Be warned. We had numerous team members purchase (and fully pay for) clothing from Nonetheless Garments, yet after numerous e-mails, calls, and a year gone by none of them have received their clothing OR refunds.”


    Our apologies.

    Nonetheless Garments expired and the assets were sold last year to a new group. We were of the understanding – Nonetheless Garments only utilized PayPal and anyone that didn’t get there product could contact Paypal and resolve payment issues. This was due to the transition of winding down of business.

    We are very sorry for this and would like to resolve the issue immediately. Please send an e-mail to with the product sizing and names of the team members to cross reference on our end. Thank you for your patience.

    Much Appreciation,
    The Makers & Riders Crew

  5. You described one of these items as a “pant”. “Pant” is what dogs do to cool down. The correct singular for long two-legged clothing is “a pair of pants”.

  6. @Andrew and @TP – I did as much homework on the brand last night as I could. I found no such examples as the ones you two have described. Having a full time career in customer service, those claims are unsettling to me. I have forwarded the comments posted here to the PR rep who sent the information to us asking if we can get further clarification on the claims made. Thank you.

  7. This is what 10 second Google search yields:

    “Nonetheless Garments Expired All Business Operations (Immediately)


    PRLog (Press Release) – Aug. 6, 2013 – CHICAGO — Nonetheless Garments expired its purpose-driven apparel line for urban cycling, which was made in Chicago. President and Designer, Jonathan Shaun said, “It’s time to move forward onto new ground”. The company was best known for the award-winning Weatherproof Jean and Trench Shirt /Jacket. Research and Development started in 2009 and had a small but highly dedicated following. “I couldn’t keep up with demand and being a one-individual business was a hindrance on the brand DNA”.

  8. I bought (and received) a pair of wool pants from Nonetheless and liked them enough to seek out and buy a second pair from their new incarnation Makers & Riders, which arrived recently.

    The pants are very well made. Trying to find pants that fit a cyclist’s build is a challenge. These look like dress slacks and are tough enough to wear on the bike. On top of that they are machine washable.

    That said, each order was slow to arrive, typically delayed 6 weeks, and my email inquiries were slow to get answered. Would I order from them again? Yes. I like the pants that much.

  9. Here’s the tough part about small clothing startups, they’re small teams (1-2 people) trying to make it work in a difficult market. I knew the guys at Outlier when they first started and the couple that started Swrve. I wouldn’t say either was without issue in the early days, but they all came out in the end. It’s a tough business trying to show people to buy made in the usa clothinng at a premium price. No two ways about it. Especially during a recession. Hell, surprised Shaun is back. It’s tough sh*t. I’ll give him some credit for responding to the above issues and offering to compensate even though it’s the old company and old investors.

    I’d give him a chance to fix the situation before passing too much judgement.

  10. TP, not sure what your exact issues are but like SEVO just said. M&R is in fact a two man operation and I am the other person. I can’t say that I know of much of anything before I got here Nonethe TP, but if you have a legitimate finacial claim, send it directly to me to clean up. my email is

    We/I have not intentionally taken any short cuts and I can assure that we won’t on your order or refunds.

    Nonetheless is DEAD! Long-Live Makers & Riders!

  11. any plans for a women’s line? I am sick and tired of women’s consumer brand pants that are cut to fit the “American” female shape (aka a potato on toothpicks), aren’t machine washable, and fall apart at a glance. Something targeted towards commuting would be the cherry on top and I’d pay basically whatever if it fits properly.

  12. Nonetheless was legit in all my dealings with them.

    I used to live nearby the Nonetheless retail store. I’ve purchased a pair of pants both directly from the store and online. Never had any problems with either transaction. On my most recent order (Jul-2012) there was some confusion over sizing, but all my emails were answered promptly by Shaun. Seems like problems may have cropped up during the wind-down, and restructuring phases.

    Re: the products. I bought the first generation 3-season NeoShell and have worn them on daily commutes in the winter, and they were the only pair of pants I brought on an 8-month trip though S.America (not a bike trip, but plenty of hiking/mountain climbing). They are still holding up strong years later. I would certainly buy their products again.

  13. I am happy to report that after an exchange of emails Mr Shaun has sent me Makers&Riders brand clothing equivalent to my previous order from Nonetheless garments. I thank him for making good on the previous transaction, and wish the best to the new company. Also many thanks to Ms Benedict from Bike rumor for her mediation.

  14. Not sure what’s going on with Makers and Riders at the moment. I returned 2 pair of pants in April 2014 (for sizing issues), and still haven’t heard back from them on what the status is. It’s been 4 weeks and not a word. I’ve e-mailed them several times as well as tried calling (only to get a machine)… Hate to think I’ve lost out on $400 to them….

  15. Fletch, i just came across this post and I’d like to say I’m sorry for this long delay. I don’t check this often. I’d like to know if you are Flether Y from Australia? I did some research and found that a credit was issued in April!?

    if this isn’t you….who are you? 🙂 either way, please contact me at


  16. Hi all,
    I almost did not buy Makers and Riders pants because of the posts here. Well, I put my order in on Sunday, on Monday I received a USPS notification that my package is on its way and on Wednesday I picked a nice box and inside of it a nice pair of wool pants and a bonus – high quality T shirt. What more could you ask for? Chris has been awesome in his responses to my questions (about sizing) and the pants will be used already this week in business meetings and commuting rides. They are SOLID.

  17. Jambe, another client just reminded me that there are posts about us on this page. thanks dude for this nice write up. I’m still making mistakes but trying like hell to do the next right thing as soon as I can. Cheers

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