Thonet Bike Front View

Seventy thousand dollars will buy you one hell of a nice bike. In fact, seventy thousand dollars will net you a garage full of really really nice bikes. Or, you could spend your seventy thousand dollars on this piece of modern art.

Commissioned by famed furniture brand Thonet, and designed by Andy Martin, the elegantly curved bicycle is constructed from hand bent steamed beech wood. Which was then reinforced by sprung rod supports in fragile or high stress points.

Drop past the break for more photos…Thonet Bike Rear Thonet Bike

Via Design Boom


  1. hmmm…
    I’m not the one to usually scream DATED!!! at blog posts, but this one has been around for more than a Year.

    Still a very nice one though, for me it might be the most beautiful woodbike.
    I find most Woodbikes strange, but this one really can stand besides “normal” good looking bikes.

  2. before the hater horde jumps in with their jibberjabber, I think this is a really cool execution of the concept. Some cool lines going on. Although, IMHO the seat-patform-rails-thinger up top sucks. Seems like a cop-out solution, and doesn’t flow well with the rest of the aesthetic.

  3. It does give me a…
    Care to sit on my…
    WTF (wood tuned fabrications)
    Wood like to at least try it…
    racy boy chair…
    Any others, have slogans??

  4. $70,000 wowza! No really, its super cool. lts a bargan when you consder many paintings some that look like a 3 year scrbbled a huge mess goes for millions.

  5. I can’t see how this idea wood become very poplar. I think I’d board with it quickly… I’m stumped as to why someone would want this. Maybe once the sawdust settles, we’ll see. Getting late now, gotta go log off.

  6. As a 35 yr career master wood worker , it’s neat. But looks to be unridable. I don’t think that’s the point. Always nice to see wood pushed to interesting boundaries . Mind you , there are some neat rideable wood bikes out there. Fun stuff.

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