Nisnas Industries wooden bicycle fenders with steel inlays

We’ve featured plenty of Nisnas’ beautiful, handcrafted wood fenders and other items before, but these latest designs may take the cake.

Above, the upcoming Steel Toe fenders use a folded steel tip to cap the 700c fenders. Below, stainless steel inlays inspired by street art polish off their Brompton-ready and 700c mahogany models. Look for pricing at $177 and up…



Check their blog and website for some making-of photos and more details.


  1. what’s the type of steel they are etching in the fender cap? Your article says it’s folded, so it throws me for a loop. It looks like a dual phase material (lilke an austenitic and ferritic stainless), but with the folding I imagine you could get that appearance from a more homogenous material. It could be plain jane, but dang, it looks awesome after they’ve prepped it. Nice stuff.

  2. Look up Damascus steel. I’d guess they’re using a variation of that method with some particular folding and cutting techniques.

  3. Damascus steel is very difficult to produce, and difficult to work. From the picture, my best guess is some kind of etching process to get that effect.

    Whether it’s Damascus, etched, or otherwise, it’s gorgeous. I’m not usually a fanboy for classic/bespoke/bike art stuff and I have 0 fenders for 5 bikes, but these are extraordinary.

  4. I’ve watched this blacksmiths vids on YouTube. And he does a bit of a cheater technique to get the Damascus look. He takes a thick metal cable, like bridge support cable, heats, hammers, heats, hammers… you get the idea. Not really Damascus, but looks a lot like it.

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