We’re suckers for any kind of bag and this one caught our eye as something that could be quite handy. Bigo Brand is based in Budapest and looking for production startup through Kickstarter. The kickstarted price of $117 for the bag and shipping to the US, plus the fact that you have 5 ways to use it, is pretty incredible. Ruck sack, water-resistant poncho, baby sling, picnic blanket, and, if you have more than one, double size bag for larger loads. Kick past the break for pics…

bigo brand 5 in 1 bag






  1. God idea, if you’re traveling, say, but this bag makes compromises in most of it’s functions. In particular, it makes a lousy poncho. It’s lightweight design, w/o padding, also makes it uncomfortable and droopy if there are hard or oddly shaped objects in there. I wouldn’t want to carry a laptop or tablet with that. But i wish them luck.

  2. Maybe we’re loosing the actual purpose of the bag. I dont think its an everyday bag (for laptops or tablets) its maybr a certain moment type of bag… like carry clothes or stuff for a short trip from the store home…what its sure its that it is a little elitist…

  3. Pretty nifty! I’m getting a “jack of all trades, master of none” vibe from this, but given the sheer amount of bags I have for specific uses (not to mention rain jackets, etc.), I’m sure I could deal with its comparative shortcomings if it performed each function 70% as well as the items it seeks to replace, which it appears it might. The expandability thing is pretty awesome. I agree with mudrock as well – definitely not a laptop friendly solution, but that’s asking a lot from something this versatile.

  4. Reading a book in the park on a blanket? This gentleman’s man card should be temporarily revoked. While I appreciate the beard, it does not counterbalance the transgression.

  5. Yeah, I’d want to place a baby in a bag i’ve used on the ground to picnic on after I’ve hauled produce around in the elements on my bike…

    I like it a bit, but simply not for me.

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