Photo credit: Foster + Partners
Photo credit: Foster + Partners
  • An innovative idea coming out of London with SkyCycle (rendered above) – a proposed bicycle freeway suspended above London’s rail tracks to provide safe cycle routes throughout the city. Using existing rail infrastructure, SkyCycle would be built on pylons above the tracks and would be installed using a system “akin to a tunnel-boring machine, but happening above ground” letting the train system continue operations throughout construction.
  • The city of Ogden, Utah, is expanding it’s bicycle friendly-ness with the addition of 6 bicycle repair stations around the city this spring.
  • Rottua is holding an Instagram photo contest to win a pair of their Water Dog sandals that use MTB tire treads for straps. Enter before January 12th by tagging your best trail photo with #rottuasandals and the location.
  • is asking for your help to cover CXNATS. Event coverage will contain: “Short highlights of ALL age category races and interviews with podium finishers, Interviews with Elite racers, even ones OUTSIDE the top 5 or even 10, and Goofy interviews with Ultra Enduro Dyude, Super Endurance Guy, and Christopher Walken.” Spearheaded by Thom Parsons, you can be assured your donation will not disappoint.
  • BikeBiz reports that the UCI has softened it’s stance on rider positioning for professional bike racing.
  • Specialized has recalled two of their commuter bicycles, the Source Eleven and Source Expert Disc, due to a fall hazard. More info here.


  1. The idea in London of using the “wasted” space above train rails is brilliant. Routes are already laid out across the city for cyclists, which offers a boon to motorists by shifting volume off the roads. Even better if they were covered.

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