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As the latest in the ongoing saga of SRAM’s hydraulic road brake recall, SRAM recently announced that they would be offering a free brake exchange and install at this month’s US Cyclocross Nationals. Timing of the recall certainly wasn’t ideal for the end of cross season for riders who had just switched over to disc brakes, and as SRAM’s Global Marketing Driector, David Zimberoff put it, “The recall has especially impacted the US cyclocross community in advance of Nationals.  Our race tech staff will work to be sure that any affected athletes bikes are race ready.”

Open to any “amateur athletes” with hydraulic disc brakes (though rim brake service will be available as well),  those with recalled brakes can drop by the SRAM tech truck for a free replacement and exchange onsite starting at 8:00 AM, Tuesday, Jan. 7. Hydraulic brakes and shifters will be exchanged and replaced with a mechanical disc brake system to use until the replacement hydraulic disc brakes are available.

Anyone who is able to make it to the venue will be able to have their brakes exchanged, though riders that are racing Cross nationals will have priority. Rider who register for the recall onsite can expect same day service. SRAM is planning to have extra staff available at Nationals to help with any questions regarding the recall, and further information and updates can be found on the recall mini site.


  1. I wonder how this will play out logistically? There could be a HUGE line and promising same-day service may be tough to pull off.

  2. Wow

    Sram has realy stood up on this. Im shocked. Not used to corpororations doing the right thing.

    Good on sram,


    I use a nice loadout of parts from sram. Never had a issue.

    Repeat customer.

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