Twenty one grams. Thats how much the worlds lightest presta only bicycle pump weighs. Despite the modest package, the carbon bodied pump can inflate tires up to 150psi/11 bar.

The pump is so small, it can be stored inside your bicycle frame by dropping a spring down your seat tube. The iPump Micro then rests conveniently on top of the spring, ready for whatever emergency rises. We just hope the the pump and spring don’t make too much of a rattling noise when stored this way.

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iPUMP HoseA flexible 100m hose makes it easy to reach even the trickiest of valve stems without accidentally breaking a presta head off. iPump Shrader to Presta AdapterThe pump is designed to work on Presta valves only, but inventor Morris Ostrow has also created an extremely light Schrader to Presta Adapter. His adapter, pictured above, weighs 1 gram! All backers will receive the pump and adapter, but if you’re only interested in the fly weight adapter, you can pledge just $8 for the tool.

This extraordinarily light pump will set back kickstart pledgers between $80-$100 depending on when you pledge. You have until January 19 to pick up your pump at a special introductory rate. Estimated delivery time for the pumps is January 2014.

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  1. That’s nothing. I can make you one that weights only 10 grams. It’ll probably take ya 45 minutes to an hour to pump up a tire, vs the 30 minutes that this one will prob take.
    Having own a Crank Brother mini pump before… I say never again.

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I “like” it, but am not sure weight-weenie pumps should be a real thing. Isn’t the point actually putting air in your tire in a timely fashion, most likely when you’re stopped by a flat?

    But, for his sake, I hope it gets funded.

  3. It doesn’t matter how light it is once your riding buddy slugs you for taking 30 minutes to pump a tire. Keep your $100 and spend it on 5 cab rides home. Five twenty-dollar bills weigh a lot less than this pump. Even better–take a sh*t more than once a week and those epic climbs will feel like nothin’.

  4. Since I prefer rather Blackburn AirStik 2Stage or AirStik SL! Everything is on the other not relevant to me! Function and durability are important not necessarily the weight!

  5. Hhmm,

    I kind feel sorry for this guy. Everyone knows it’s all about how long it takes to inflate a tire, and that’s the one bit of info that isn’t in the video. Lovely design for the cyclist who has everything no doubt…

    Although, if there was just one story of how someone was saved from walking when they were in the middle of nowhere because they had this little itty bitty pump in there bag that they forgot about, then perhaps it might just sell.

  6. Cool idea… looks fun and handy. But the name is going to cause trouble. Anything with an “i” prefix is going to get an angry look from Apple. Maybe this guy is counting on that and wants the PR?

  7. I often wonder why more companys don’t design pumps that fit in the seatpost. I have kept my Planet Bike pump with a spare tube wrapped around it in my seatpost for years.

  8. Meh. Wake me when they invent a 20 gram set of speedplay specific roller skate attachments to be deployed in event of a flat on the bike.

  9. His kickstarter pitch is so fully littered with typos, I’m worried. He’s already demonstrated he has no attention to detail when it comes to earning his funding, how little attention to detail does he have in design of the pump? How little attention will he pay in getting you your $100 kickstarter reward? My guess: none.

    Also: “Cogito Ero Sum” is not the Latin turn of phrase he’s looking for. What he wrote means “I think I will be I am”, which is absolutely incomprehensible.

    Also: “high technology CNC manufacturing machines” … LOL. Welcome to 1952.

    Also: Layoff on the exclamation points!!!!

  10. Matthew:
    Couldn’t agree with you more. The typos are one thing, blatant lies are another….

    ” you never have to worry about braking your bicycle tire air valve or getting your hands dirty while mounting and dismounting the Presta air valve connector, since you never touch the tire.”

    Yes, and you just repaired the defective inner tube with some healing magic from the outside, not touching the tire, or by means of a mixture of levitation, telekinesis and teleportation. What is the use of not touching a tire afterwards, if you have to do it anyway to fix the flat or replace the inner tube?

    Also, at the others have already pointed out, not a mention about pumping time from 0 atm to 9-10. I would say 20-30 minutes at least…

  11. Just borrowed one of these from someone and decided to look it up online. It works….I needed a quick top-up of air, got some serious pressure in reasonable time. Not ideal for doing a whole tyre from flat perhaps, but if you are riding 23mm tyres, it can’t take thaaaaat long surely? It’s a little fiddly to use, but it is super light. Trade-offs. I wouldn’t mind getting one if it were a bit cheaper/if I were a bit richer/if my frame wasn’t so heavy that saving pump weight is irrelevant.

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