Naran Carbon fatbike rim

For bikes that started out pushing 40 pounds, Fatbike are rapidly trending towards that person you know that is always trying the latest diet fad. Light fatbikes at this point are just slightly more than half of what they used to weigh, which is largely thanks to the introduction of carbon frames, forks, and now wheels. As far as we’re aware, until now carbon rims have been reserved for those with symmetric fatbike frames which basically excludes the OG Surly Pugsley.

Offset fatbike riders rejoice. If you’re looking for a set of carbon hoops for your offset build, Siberia based Sarma has your answer (they have non offset wheels too!). Get the details on the black Russian rims after the break.


Based out of Siberia, Russia, Sarma is a small team of product specialists who claim to know the benefits a fatbike can provide thanks to the harsh Siberian winter. According to the contacts page, the headquarters is based in Hong Kong, Engineering in Moscow, and the warehouse is in Shenzhen. Regardless, the company seems to be focused on fatbike with rims currently available, while hubs, forks, and a frame will be offered in the near future.

Built using double wall construction, the 80mm rims look burly – which is probably where their 650g weight comes from. That makes the Naran lighter than a rim like a Surly Holy Rolling Darryl, but still a good big heavier than HED’s 480g , or Borealis’ 590g (double wall) rims. Sarma states that this is the optimum weight for both durability and performance, and arrived at 650g after numerous prototypes. The rims offer an external carbon weave that is added to improve impact protection.


Centered_drilling_936532a3-e09b-44e8-a003-2d1b2fcab8ba Offset_Drilling_38d73079-3fdc-4b02-b034-f9372a1e9d97

What those wheels don’t offer though, is the ability to build an offset wheel. The Narans are actually available in universal, centered, or 11mm offset drilling depending on your preference. Priced at $750 for a set of universal drilled rims, we can see these rims on a lot of Pugsleys and other offset fatbikes in the future. Single universal drilled rims retail for $390, with the offset and center specific drilled rims offered at a slight premium for $409 per rim, or $770 for the set.

According to Sarma’s site, the next batch of rims will be shipped out on January 4th, and they are offering free world wide shipping until the end of the year. So, until tomorrow.


Sarma states that the rims are tubeless ready an include an aggressive bead lock that also helps to hold the tire in place at super low pressures.


Listed as available in January, the Carbon Hoboy fork is full carbon and will be offered only in 1 1/8″ steerer currently. There will be 450mm and 465mm Axle to Crown versions with a 45mm rake, and each set up for standard 135mm quick release and 160mm front specific PM disc brakes. Tire clearance is claimed at 4.7 on 100mm rims. When available, the fork will retail for $270.


  1. Kevin-nope. And if you’re alluding to HED, they make their rim in house and if weighs significantly less. If you’re referring to Borealis it doesn’t look like theirs at all.

  2. ditto. and i have the same concerns about double-walls as with the twin. what happens when you right through overflow and water freezes in there?

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