CRAFT_HybridWeatherGlovePicking the right glove for winter riding can be tricky. Too bulky and you lose manual dexterity and use of your fingers. Too slim, and you lose out on warmth and weather protection. Then there’s the first world problem of having to remove your gloves in order to use your smart phone. Craft’s new Hybrid Weather glove offers just that – a hybrid of a glove and mitten, all with smart phone capability built right in.

The bulk of the glove is made from warm, stretchy polyester fabric with a brushed interior for keeping your hands warm in cold weather. Should you need wind and water protection, there is a wind and waterproof mitten cover that stows in the back of the glove. In addition to providing a solid grip with silicone bits, the thumb and index finger have built in pads that allow you to operate a touch screen. Reflective print and piping adds to the winter visibility.

Hybrid Weather gloves are offered in black or high viz yellow for $34.99.


  1. These aren’t new. I ordered a set from competitive cyclist/backcountry last year. I have enjoyed mine. For days that are to cold for these, i just throw on a set of nice glove liners.

  2. I find riding with any kind of mitten to almost be a hazard. Just cruising or climbing might be okay, but not if you need to have the brakes covered. They should’ve made it a lobster glove.

  3. If they are anything like the Craft Siberian glove, save your money. I have found a simple pair of Seirus Hyperlite’s to be much more effective.

  4. I just stumbled on this review, and happy to say I received these gloves as a Xmas gift. Several rides and runs since the big day and they work great! I find them able to grip well, shift and brake well, and work my iPhone. They are also quite warm. I have not tried them in rain yet, but I recommend them for medium cold rides (30-40 degrees F). You also have to like the color for hand signals!

  5. Willis24 – What is your issue with the Craft Siberian glove? I was actually about to pick up a pair, and would like to know if I should pass on them.

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