Strava streams The Sufferfest training videos online for premium members

In October, Strava gave premium members the ability to stream The Sufferfest training videos through their iOS and Android apps. Now, they’re available online for viewing on a bit bigger screen.

Considering the videos run about $10 to $13 each (and worth every penny in our opinion) and a premium Strava membership is $59 per year, the value added for having videos available on demand makes the upgrade quite a bit more compelling. To start, they’ve got two of the originals, Fight Club and Revolver, cued up to make you hurt. Rubber Glove is also streaming, letting you do your FTP power test on the trainer. More videos should be coming online soon.


  1. Agreed, it seemed like any compelling features were getting added to the free version pretty quickly, but this seems like it’ll stay Premium exclusive.

  2. Meh! Not everyone wants to watch training videos. Something that would make it better for me, is the ability to link photos with Geotag data (Either via phone camera or external camera). So those that aren’t interested in beating everyone, but using the system to track rides, can show friends where they have been.

  3. Good work !! Now all you need to do is support trainer rides on your site via imports. These legitimized workouts could count toward challenges when you know speed and power relationships.

  4. Macr – link your Instagram account to your Strava account (Strava account settings > social).

    Instagram photos are then shown on your ride route at the location they were taken.

    Seems to work with my Edge 510 when it is linked via the Garmin connect App.

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