urge supacross xc mountain bike helmet

The new Urge SupAcross mountain bike helmet brings the French brand into the XC realm while keeping many of the features that’s made their more gravity oriented lids popular.

The shell builds a short visor into the design, wrapping around to their signature round mesh vent hole on the sides. The other 12 vents (14 total) are fairly large, but not as numerous as what’s typically found on a cross country helmet, showing the emphasis in on protection rather than minimal weight.

There is, however, an emphasis on sustainability. Urge belongs to 1% For The Planet and uses plenty of “green” materials in the helmet and packaging. The body is made of recycled EPS, the straps of recycled PET, and the box it comes in is raw cardboard (fewer chemicals from printing and such, easier to recycle) and they use as few bags as possible to pack it.

UPDATE: Claimed weight is 260g.

Retail is €150, available in January in Europe. Should be coming to the US mid-Spring. More colors below…

urge supacross xc mountain bike helmet

There’s also a black with white top, not shown.



  1. Looks aside, after seeing other pictures floating around – this helmet offers really poor coverage of cyclist’s head, even for a XC lid.

  2. No thats where you plug into the borg.
    Now if that was some sort of fan system the pulled or pushed air that would be cool. Otherwise, what a weird place to put a vent.

  3. “Is that a cup holder?? Or a fish eye lens attachment for a go pro?” It’s a design feature from the same country that tells us a big honkin’ mole on the face makes a woman prettier.

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