wahoo-rpm-bluetooth-cadence-sensorWe spotted this at Interbike, and now Wahoo Fitness’ RPM bluetooth cadence sensor is shipping, and there’s a bit more info about it now. It’ll come with both stick-on or sleeved-and-zip-tied mounting solutions, letting you use it across multiple cranksets if you don’t mind adding a couple grams of ugly to eschew the sticky backing.

If you’re already using your smartphone and a smattering of bluetooth accessories to track your ride data, or you prefer your speed sensor on the fork, this one is a simple way to add cadence to the mix. Retail is $49.95, weight is just 7 grams.

If you’re not already fully in bed with BT but like the idea of using an app to record it all, we’d recommend their Speed/Cadence dual sensor since it’s just $10 more and combines both metrics into a single transmitter. Get ’em at WahooFitness.com or your local bike shop. Both will pair with Wahoo’s own app, Strava and MapMyRide. It uses a coin cell battery that should be good for up to two years riding.


  1. I really wanted to like Wahoo. I got the RFLKT+ and it drops the HR signal and the Speed/cadence sensor all the time. All their support could say: Well it’s know to happen and the’ll the engineers know about. Basically you can’t fix it, and you must force quit the app and start over.

  2. This may be a dumb question, but is this compatible with the Garmin 500? Would be nice to get something sleeker than the GSC-10 for cadence.

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