Derby I9 Wheels (1)

Frank from Marty’s Reliable Cycle in Hackettstown, NJ wanted a pair of heavy duty carbon wheels. Rad carbon wheels, made with Industry Nine hubs and spokes – in purple of course. The result is what Frank thinks might be the first set of I9/Derby wheelsets in the world.

Check out the weight and more after the break.

Derby I9 Wheels (2)

We recently got a chance to take a look at Derby’s new wide carbon rims at Interbike. The 29er rims are built with a monstrous 35mm external and 29mm internal width and weigh in at 465g while carrying a 250lb weight limit. For many riders, the 250lb instead of 200lb or less limit opens up the world of carbon rims. Frank’s wheelset built with I9 142×12 and 15mm thru axle hubs and I9’s proprietary spokes laced to Derby’s 29er rims register 800g for the front, and 960g for the rear on the shop’s Park scale.

Derby is running a special winter sale, with the rims listed at $299 (650b or 29), with regular pricing set at $379. Frank said retail for the custom wheels pictured above should be around $2100.


  1. Why so heavy? 2x465gr rims + sapim cx ray and alu nipples, Dt 240 or similar hub would be weighting 100gr less. I have always thougt that new I9 hubs and spokes were lighter as traditional ones. Aesthetically those wheels look fantastic!

  2. Diego-Super wide and HD construction is a priority over absolute flyweight on these rims.
    The extra width provides a much nicer tire profile and traction benefits. The cost is les than 1/2 of a Enve rim as well.

  3. I can build with King hubs, Supercomp spokes and Derby rims for almost the same cost.

    King hubs: $429/pair
    Enve rims: $1600/pair
    Spokes & Build: $200

    Total: $2229

    So the big difference is the wider Derby rims (which I love – I built some on Hope hubs) but you don’t get the same warranty or Enve name.

  4. Why are they so friggin heavy? get a set of Enve AM 29ers and weigh them. Mine are 1460 grams with DT Swiss 240… 27.5s would be a bit less. Those wheels look cool and I like I9, but the weight is atrocious for $2,100.

  5. They are pretty badass. they do seem rather expensive. l, like a lot of riders dont want the Flashy, in your face, Enve me look of Enve but want carbon rims and these work out nice. Im going to do some LB rims after this godawfull Christmas is over. Great work!

  6. best thing about NOT going with Enve is external nipples. besides having to take off the tire, you have to remove the Gorilla tape/rim strip. just to true a wheel.

  7. You guys are citing prices if you did it yourself. Once you factor in the LBS markup, you can get to around the price they cite. I was going to have I-9 build up a set of Light Bicycle rims and it was ~900 plus me providing the rims, so around 1400 with shipping. The derby’s are more expensive, so a bike shop charging 2100 for this setup makes sense. Not saying I’d pay that much….

  8. @eric, my price includes labour for a shop build, spokes at retail, rims at full retail and a decent, but not crazy, deal on the hubs.

  9. The I9 spoke setup is so crazy stiff that I9 wheels built with aluminum rims have a similar stiffness to an enve build with conventional spokes. I haven’t seen an I9/carbon build in real life yet, but I can only imagine that it’s in a league of it’s own ride-wise. As far as the pricing goes, I9 charges significantly more for unusual colors and for custom rim builds (I assume they have to cut custom spokes for rims they don’t stock).

  10. I have seen these wheels in person. Wow is all I can say. While Frank is a great wheelbuilder in his own right, he had to send these to I9 to get them built.

  11. Hey Joe,

    What is the weight for the set your building for your wife? I am looking to pair the Derby’s w/ I9 hubs. Are yours or your wifes the heavy duty Derby’s or the standard?



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