Fyxation Leather Bicycle Frame Holsters for Wine, Beer and…Frisbees?


Fyxation’s leather goods collection is out, with four options for carrying the essentials (including the bike itself). Shown above is the wine bottle carrier, and options for a six pack and a frisbee are shown below. Or, just place the bike handle between the down- and seat tubes and use it for easier portage.

Retail ranges from $39.95 to $59.95.





8 thoughts on “Fyxation Leather Bicycle Frame Holsters for Wine, Beer and…Frisbees?

  1. That would hold a 1L bottle of whiskey, then I could use my SRAM Hydro brakes to pump it up to my mouth. Ultimate seasonal bike for the X mas period.

  2. NASH wins.

    Additionally, be aware that your carbon fiber frame will burst into flames if you put any of these accessories on it.

  3. Just because you can build a frisbee holster for your fixed gear bike doesn’t mean you should. I mean, I can beat up school children but I am pretty sure I shouldn’t.

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