Mad Fiber Wheels Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

After shutting down manufacturing operations in October, Bicycle Retailer is reporting that the Divine Cycling Group has filed bankruptcy for Mad Fiber wheels through their DCG wheel division. The shutdown comes after DCG’s issues with both Blue Competition cycles, and Serotta Frameworks. The bankruptcy filing leaves a lot of creditors unsecured, with a hearing set for later this month. For more on the story check out BRAIN.


  1. Glad I unloaded my Mad Fibers as soon as the generation two wheels were released. Further glad I unloaded them before the bankruptcy was announced!

  2. Saw sets of their wheels at the Hotter Than Hell one time. Pretty interesting designs but bankruptcy is never a nice thing for a company. I doesn’t limit the wheel options much, just the style/design.

  3. I am not that pessimistic, I would roll the dice on the newer clinchers, without service or warrantee, for $700. The peeps, I know LOVE them! Perhaps, the technology will see itself come back around. I searched for the proverbial “the wheels just came apart or a stick got stuck in the spokes and they exploded” video and could not find one…

  4. Devine has an interesting business model: scoop up established cycling company in need of capital, lay off workforce and/or alienate customer base, close company.

    Even stranger is that a chapter 7 filing means no assets for aspiring Gordon Gecko Devine to strip.

  5. I’m hoping to be able to grab a set of these for cheap hopefully through all this. Warranty or not I’ve just wanted a set since they came out.

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