Hansi_Photo_130829_Hansi_Photo_130829__MG_8936  imba trail care crew and bell built trail grants

  • IMBA and Bell Helmets have also announced that they will be taking applications for the 2014 Bell Built Grants starting January through February. Get your trail project application ready for a portion of $100,000 in grants. Photos above of Copper Harbor’s new Overflow Downhill trail built with grant funds from Bell’s Built Grants contest last spring. (Photos of Elias on the left, and Jason Wells on the right, by Hansi Johnson, submitted by Erik Lemke.)
  • IMBA is also on the hunt for their next Trail Care Crew
  • Steve Sauer has a bicycle sculpture exhibit running December – January in downtown Seattle.
  • Terrain Mountain Bike Magazine Issue 3 is now available in the Apple Newstand.
  • Users of MyFitnessPal, an online food and calorie tracker, can now integrate their exercise and calorie tracking with fitness products from Wahoo.
  • Sacred Rides has announced a new 10 day Cusco to Amazon itinerary of Incan culture exploration by foot and mountain bike.

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