Following the likes of Dirt Baggies, Pearl Izumi, and others, bib comfort is slowly making its way over to mountain biking. Sure, racers have been wearing bibs for years, but the concept of a bib liner in a baggy, durable short has really started to catch on. Club Ride is the latest company to put out some lycra suspenders, with their new Air Liner Innerwear bib short liner. Designed to work with their existing baggy shorts, the Air Liner is made from an ultra breathable material specifically designed as a liner. The liner features Club Ride’s own Tainted Air™ gel insert pad for extended ride comfort, with the body of the liner made from quick drying, compression fabric. Air Liners also feature a quick access media pocket to keep your tunes close at hand. Available in S-XL, Air Liners will retail for $99.


  1. So…how is this different than wearing a bib underneath a baggy mountain bike short?

    So the world can’t see the graphics, logos, etc., and the shorts don’t button-lock onto the bib-liner. Haven’t lost a pair of shorts in 10+ years.

  2. I am totally down with Clubride stuff. But I need to know how the baggy outers attach or are prevented from slipping down while wearing the bib.
    I only ride with bibs and would like to wear outer baggys as it just feels wierd in my old age walking around in lycra with my junk and other bulges clearly seen. I have tried wearing some other shorts as outers and it simply does not work.

    Inform me and the Visa will be debited accordingly.

  3. Dan,
    The advantage is our inner bib has a ton of mesh where you would normally have Lycra. So it is much cooler and dries much faster. Also features a lower front cut so you can take a leak with ease. I wore them in a intense spin class last week and much much more comfortable. Finally we have a nice chest iPhone pocket in case you listen to music and ride.
    We have exterior retention buckles on most of our shorts so you can adjust to fit comfortably over the inner wear Air Liner. I personally stand behind and will pay for return freight of you have any problems.
    Appreciate the feedback, Scott CEO, Club Ride Mobile:208-409-6366

  4. Bibs are cool.

    What I wish is somebody making a bib with some side/femur protection insert. Just a pocket where you could slide in some pads would suffice. Either in a breathable liner, or stand alone bib. Sorta like Dainese padded liners, but comfortable.

    Will sure check these.

  5. I really dig the Club Ride stuff and have been wearing the baggies, liner and shirts on all kinds of rides for about a year. It is durable, has some fashion sense about it, and performs well. I have been wanting a bib liner for quite sometime but the way my body is built (beer belly, no butt) I feel like I would have to have some sort of retention (i.e loops for shorts to attach) other than the side buckles. I am certain my baggies would not stay on much less up on a mtb ride. Why no loops for attachment? Everything else seems to be well thought out.

  6. I have worn bibs under many different baggy outer shorts over the last 12 years with no slipping. Extremely comfortable and yes whizzing can be more difficult with some brands of bibs, but worth the slight inconvenience. There is no need to attach the bibs to the outers. I cut out the stupid internal adjuster from my Fox shorts and instead wear a belt. Much more reliable and works better for Enduro riding;).

  7. I’ve always found normal baggies to be some combination of too bulky, hipster and/or inordinately expensive, so I usually ride the MTB with lightweight hiking shorts over bibs unless the temp is superhot. This setup is far more flexible since I can mix and match shorts and bibs or dispense with the shorts all together.

    I like the idea of a streamlined (under)bibshort.

    Is the “media pocket” water / sweat proof?

  8. The issue I have with the bibs under shorts is they smooth everything out and the short rides down and then can catch of the nose of the saddle.
    I sort of gave up on the idea and just go with the bibs on most rides now.

    Some sort of silicone band or velcro at the waste to grip the shorts would be an idea.

    In addition some sort of fly arrangement to accomodate the in ride wiz would also be prettty sweet.

  9. If your shorts are sliding down with bibs then you are using a crappy pair of shorts. Get some MTB shorts that are designed to ride hard in. Over the last 15 years never had a pair slip except for some cheap TREK stuff. Race Face, FOX, Bellweather, PI, have all stayed where they are supposed to.

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