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Lamere makes no attempt at hiding the fact that their frames are directly from Asia, in fact they embrace it. The latest blacked out carbon frame to join their ranks is their new fatbike, no doubt due to the recent growth of the market. While Lamere clearly states that many of their bikes are open mold designs, they claim the fatbike is a design of their own. Calling it the “world’s lightest fatbike” might be a bit of a stretch, but their factory direct prices will likely make people take notice.

frame weight

fork weight

Claimed weight on the Lamere fatbike frame from their webiste is 1250g which is extremely light. The actual weight shown on their Facebook page depicts a 1300g frame weight which is still light, but beaten by a fully painted/finished Borealis Yampa at 1270g. Combined with Lamere’s 570g carbon tapered fork, and the 1870g frameset weight is looking pretty desirable, especially for the $1800 price tag.

Carbon wheels

Built with 170mm rear spacing, the frame will ship with both quick release and thru axle rear dropouts, though the front fork is QR only available in both QR and thru axle. Lamere stayed with a threaded BSA bottom bracket, while the frame features internal cable routing for both brake and shift cables. No word yet on tire clearance, though by the pictures we know it has at least enough clearance for 4.0 tires on 80-100mm rims. Lamere is also working on a set of carbon tubeless fatbike rims that look like they will be able to be built up offset or centered.

Built fatbike

The full build as pictured came in at 23.79lbs, though JP Lamere thinks it can still drop a pound or more by switching to carbon rims and running the tires tubeless. Offered in only 17, 19, and 21″ frame sizes, Lamere is offering a special deal on pre-ordered frame and fork for this week only at $1400.

Lamere Fatbike Geometry

Lamere offers full custom builds as well, allowing the consumer to hand pick each part for their mountain, road, cross, and now fatbikes which all include a lifetime warranty and crash replacement program.


  1. For DTC china carbon, I’d more expect the 1400 price tag to stay around. 1800 seems a little steep. It may be a small detail but I’d prefer a thru-axle front end too.

    D**n the little details

  2. It seems odd that this frame has such a high price tag if you compare it to other Chinese open mold frame prices. Granted, fatbikes are hot shiz right now, but I don’t see much reason for an additional $1300 (non pre-order price) over standard mtb framesets from the same manufacturers.

  3. These factories don’t all charge the same prices. You’ve gotta keep in mind….fat bikes are popular but they’re still going to make far fewer of these than regular mountain bikes. Also, nobody has any clue about the carbon structure they’re using. This could be a steal!!!

  4. Keep in mind most people stamping out carbon frame via china are using a mold that’s bought/paid for already….usually by the company who commissioned the mold to begin with.

    You have Salsa and Borealis currently doing carbon fat bikes they own the molds for. Likely won’t see direct copies off those molds anytime soon. Which means LaMere probably has $25k sunk into a mold and significant sze minimum orders , not just buying an existing frame a handful at a time and calling themselves a bike company.

  5. Hi, JP LaMere here…actually we got both types of front forks so will have some thru axle and some QR.

    On the price, we had to pay a ton for the mould to be made, so the high price is covering the mould charges. Yeah eventually price will come way way down, sorry to have to charge this price.

    We loaded the 4.8″ tires (Lou & Bud) on the bike last night, plenty of clearance, room to spare actually, but we did this on 65mm Marge Light rims so I’m anxious to put some 100mm rims in here and make sure clearance is still there, but I’m really sure it won’t be a problem.

    As far as Borealis saying their frame weighs 1270, let’s see a pic of it on the scale.

  6. Mindless – Chainline and BB width issues mean that the 170mm rear hub spacing is likely to stay for as long as the ‘thinner’ 4″ tyres do.

  7. LaMere, If you spent so much money and time on tooling, how would you not be sure of a Bud and Lou on 100mm rim fitting the frame and fork? It does fit with proper clearance or it doesn’t.

  8. Yay, something else to pull people away from you LBS. Seriously people, please support your local shops. They do way more than you may even realize.

  9. Please…… Do these guys think that the Chinese factory that they contracted with is going to exclusively using this mold for just LaMere? I doubt it very much. This thing will be on Alibaba or eBay in a few weeks for $600.

  10. From personal experience, I don’t think it will fit a bud and lou with a clown shoe. It widens the tire out to much. Maybe it will, but just saying what I have seen with my own eyes….

  11. wako29 boo hoo. your LBS sells products made in taiwan too. but im sure all your stuff was USA-made right?

    support your LBS. support LaMere too.

  12. I’d rather have the Borealis ’cause it doesn’t use that awful Madoney headtube that all these open molders think is cool. It’s a much cleaner Chinese job and the Yampa was out first, JP, so it doesn’t stink of “Me too” as much.

  13. there is no way a 170 bike fits a bud on a clownshoe, period. it does not work unless you invented some anti-gravity chain device to make the chain magically bend around the tire.

    also, there is no way these guys paid for a mold. i know them, and they don’t have 2 pennies to rub together. they are charging a high price just because they can.

    the major problem with open molds is that there is rarely, if any testing done, and the design was performed by people who don’t ride the bikes and know the nuances. when you pay more for a brand name, you are paying to employ an american rider who knows how to ride, knows that to do, and is trying to make the bike better for you. you are also paying for real engineering and destructive testing. support those that actually do the work, surly, salsa, borealis, 907, hell, even Trek.

  14. I’m with Big Cow on this, if they commissioned the mold they would already know the limits. I smell a rat. However advocating support for Trek is going a little to far 🙂

  15. Might just be the photo, but the chain stays look very very long. Lots of space between the chain stay and tire……otherwise, great looking frame!

  16. @gringo Birmingham Small Arms came up with that logo in the 1920s for their 1.375″ x 24 tpi bottom bracket threading, duh! Just ask the Chinese engineer who drew it for Lamere.

    @Big Cow +1

  17. Yo Big Cow, we did indeed pay for our own mould. Not sure how you have access to my bank accounts to know I don’t have 2 pennies to rub together or who you’re comparing me to, but I put a sizable chunk of my own money down to get this mould made- so I’ve got a lot riding on it and to have some dork like you come on and just make shit up is kind of a bummer. Not sure where your hate comes from, I’m just trying to get people sweet bikes at reasonable prices. I got into the bike biz as I was sick of the prices being charged, and the hype, and having to scrounge for the team deal every year. I got nothing against bike shops and I also got nothing against China, everyone needs and wants to make a buck or a yuan. The bike biz is one industry the Chinese actually own and excel at, they have the best production and you’d be surprised how good their engineers are, but I will give you that they don’t ride enough and are not fortunate like us in the USA to have all the singletrack we do, the good roads, and down in Shenzhen they don’t have any snow.

    When I had this bike engineered I didn’t care about fitting a Clown Shoe rim on it, this bike is meant to be a racing fatbike and year round bike, which is why we got our own 65mm tubeless carbon rims made as well. The back country adventure fatbike thing seems really cool, but that’s Borealis and Fatback and 907. Our bike does run 4.8″ tires, rode it yesterday and today with the Bud and Lou and absolutely no probs….chain is a half inch from the tire, I can send you pix… but yes that’s on a 65mm Marge Light rim. I am anxious to try a Clown Shoe with a Bud & Lou but I suspect you’re right it won’t fit, but I dunno yet. I’m sure you hope it does not, but I don’t know why. Maybe you are one of the Borealis guys posting under the name Big Cow.

    As far as weights, show me a lighter carbon fat bike frame than mine with an actual photo on an accurate scale please. Borealis is a bigger frame (190mm rear) with rack mounts, how could it be lighter than mine? Do they have magic carbon fiber in theirs, or are they fudging about their weight like 75% of the rest of the bike industry?

    I’m happy we went with the 170mm rear end as you can actually buy 170mm hubs right now. If 190mm does become the new standard I’ll pay to have our mould changed and go to that, and give the people what they want, and then hopefully I will no longer be a penniless loser.

    JP LaMere

  18. Wow. Now there’s a refreshing dose of plain talk for you, owning your own comments, not hiding behind anonymous monikers. Makes me want to support LaMere. Good luck guys!

  19. @EricNM. Maybe plain talk but super defensive. Not sure I want to buy carbon products from a guy working out of his garage. Unless he has the engineering, design skills or testing lab to back it up. This guy is just repin’ product from deep china, and helping to sink what is left of Local bike shops. “I cut out to the middle man to save you money”, sounds like he should be on a infomercial.

  20. @Big Cow
    So you claim to “know these guys and they don’t have 2 pennies to rub together” and yet “(I) actually have no idea who you are, but i sure provoked a response that shows who you are!”
    Do you know “these guys” or not? It appears not, and you are just being an a**hat, for why?

    I think your (and other naysayers) assumptions and accusations show just what ignorant trolls you are, VS JPs’ debatable assertion of having the lightest fattie. So what if it is, or not – its damn close, if its not, and for less $. Is he defensive? Uh, YEA! Wouldnt you be if some ignorant a**holes on a forum were smack talking your project you just sunk a sizable chunk of your life savings into? This is bootsrapping, dude! JP is doing something many INDIVIDUALS dont have the balls to do – I doubt you do! This is what entrepreneurial drive looks like!

    JP resides and has a storefront in (probably) one of highest fatbike-per capita cities anywhere – Minneapolis, MN; where MANY of us ride year round, fat or not. I think he knows what a fat-bike should look like, what with QBP – the umbrella corp of Surly and Salsa – right here in our backyard. Not a single Surly or Salsa product is made in the USA, BTW. 170mm rear? Awesome. Tons of parts available, unlike expensive 190 hubs, the way 170 were when they came out. I think Salsa started the 190mm trend just to mess with people. He even says he wanted it for 4″ tires, and it happens to clear “5. Bonus.

    I will be honest: I own a Chinese carbon 29er frame, that looks a lot like the 2013 Origin 8 carbon frame. Yay. I got it for about $450, frame and fork, shipped. I freaking love it. I have mostly used, but really nice parts – Roval Carbon wheelset, Reba TI, XT, TIME, Thomson, carbon Avid hydro…

    However, since I have copious student loans, I cannot even consider a LaMere at this time, let alone name-brand carbon like Salsa, Borealis or 907, but I am watching eBay like a hawk for the China knock-offs to start spilling out (Sorry JP).

    The argument that you are taking money away from the LBS by buying direct from China is not entirely accurate. Yes, I bought a crabon frame from China for cheap – I still have to order all or most of my parts through my LBS (where I am sponsored, so I get a great deal, but…), have wheels built and trued there (when I am too lazy to do it myself), buy cables/housing, drive-train, brakes, cables, locks, lights, clothing, shoes, etc.

    If you knew anything about the bike shop biz, you would already know that the bike (or frame, in this case) is not the money-maker for the LBS – it is the accessories and service that makes the real money. In fact, selling complete bikes comes with a whole host of problems like warranties, recalls, tune-ups, CUSTOMERS… I know of a mostly used shop that cleared $80k in flat-fixes one year.

    I tell everyone not in the bike fold who asks about bikes/parts/service to go to one of two local shops, depending on their needs and budget; and, aside from helping them turn over stock, that is how I pay them back for sponsoring me.

    Oh, and the Borealis is made in China (I got to speak to them personally recently, and I dont think they are mechanical engineers…), as is every other carbon frame out there, save maybe some high-end Italian names. The Salsa Beargrease Carbon? China.

    YOU WANT Chinese carbon since they are the pros! Why pay twice as much for one with a brand-name sticker? His other frames may be open mold, but I believe him when he says he had the molds made for this one.

    You want a real USA made frame? Better save your pennies (I hear JP has a few for you), or learn to braze, weld or wrap crabon, son.

  21. Problem with social media is similar to ordering alcohol at dinner, some people just don’t know when to say “when”. Yeah I’m talking to you bigcrow. Chances are, if you’re riding a carbon whatever, it came from China, and maybe even from the same factory that made this.

    Re; the 170 rear end…I think it’s awesome. Lots of build options and not everyone wants Bud’s/Clownshoes.

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