With Travis Pastrana at the helm and a heap of talented riders in tow, the television show Nitro Circus has been pushing the limits for several seasons. In this latest clip, rider Ethen Godfery Roberts spins his way into youtube fame with this crazy double backflip superman combo!


  1. Air ballet. All these foam pit practicing guys are blowing it. More like stuntman antics than sick bike riding. Plus the mega ramp is for skateboards.

    Red bull rampage is sicker than this. Average pro dh course is even sicker.

  2. Hey satisFACTORYrider when did I say that? Get off the crack jack, I like those guys’ vids. Those guys are in the woods and on the street. I’ve been through butt loads of bmx bandit phases in my life racing bmx back to the 80s. I also had a Haro master and did some really [deleted] kick turns in JT suits and rode 4′ wide quarter pipes all day long. I like all cycling disciplines but this post/trick was presented as a question so I answered from the gut.

    It’s just my opinion on mega ramp using foam pit practice!

  3. I am Rico. I need to remember to use the same name on this site. Plus, it always gives me an error when i submit a comment.

    Double back flip to computer smash.

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