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Good news if you already own a Stages Power Meter, or are planning to get one soon, the latest App update and firmware refresh continues to improve the functionality and performance of the crank based system. From the get go, Stages envisioned a product that could be continually improved through the use of updates and new firmware, rather than having to replace the system for the newer model. As the company has grown, so too have the features, with the most recent update the biggest one yet.

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New to the iOS StagesPower app in the update is their foray into the world of High speed data collection. Instead of the once per second ANT+ data communication, the high speed Bluetooth data connection is capable of measuring power and torque numbers 64 times a second. This info is recorded to the app and can be emailed to you so it can be analyzed. While the High Speed Data is capturing information for later use, you can simultaneously capture the power info through ANT+ to be displayed on any device in real time. New to the ANT+ measurement is the ability to capture Torque Efficiency and Pedaling Smoothness metrics for use with Garmin’s latest 510 and 810 head units.

Less high tech, but equally if not more important – the update now features battery level indication. When connected via Bluetooth the App will show the battery meter as shown above, and when connected via ANT+, the power meter will send out a low battery notice which means you have about 10 hours of battery life left.

In the screen shots above, the left image shows the new High Speed Data recording screen which allows you to start, stop, delete, and email the high speed data. The center image is the home screen where you can zero reset or update your firmware – if you haven’t updated the firmware, the tools and high speed tabs will be grayed out as shown. Finally, the Power Info Page is a new screen that shows the stored calibration data and other system vitals.

StagesPower iOS App notes:

  • Bug Fixes and API updates
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius toggle for Zero Calibration Data
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Tools Page – can now read the power meter’s calibration data and settings for improved customer service and support. (Feature available with firmware versions after 2.0.21)
  • High Speed Data – the StagesPower App can now record pedaling force (kgf) and torque (Nm) 64 times per second and email the data for post ride analysis in Excel (.csv format). (Feature available with firmware versions after 2.0.21)

V2.0.31 Firmware notes:

  • Bug Fixes and API Updates
  • Low Battery Warning (ANT+)
  • High Speed Data – the ability to transmit pedaling force (kgf) and torque (Nm) 64 times per second via Bluetooth to the StagesPower app for recording and post ride analysis. (The ANT+ power and cadence information will continue to transmit as normal, when High Speed Data is in use)
  • StagesPower Tools – functionality to transmit calibration data and settings to the app for improved customer service and support.
  • Torque Efficiency (ANT+ only, available on Garmin 510 and 810)
  • Pedal Smoothness (ANT+ only, available on Garmin 510 and 810)


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