Our Process: The Yeti Lunch Ride

Don’t call Yeti during lunch. They won’t answer. Why? That’s because they’re doing it right, and shut things down for some testing shredding. Having worked at a bicycle company myself, I can attest to the values of a lunch ride. Using the product first hand, getting out, getting excited, clearing your head, all great things that come from actually riding the bikes you make. Yeti’s certainly not the only company with a great lunch ride, but they do a pretty good job of documenting it!


9 thoughts on “Our Process: The Yeti Lunch Ride

  1. great video. looks like a good place to be. they looked over suspended for riding those backcountry sidewalks though.

  2. Santa Cruz it ain’t. Nice shades of green, though. Without commensurate trails, it’s just a bunch of John Muir-engorging eco-gasm.

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