Some videos get us amped, some entertain, and there are videos like this. The Quiet Season moves along at about the same pace as our thoughts while out on the kind of road ride we all need now and then to clear our heads.

Scripted and directed by Brandon Neubert, it was inspired by a letter his mom wrote him. Because of back problems, she never found the athletic freedom she wanted until she discovered the bicycle. It became her freedom, and now she’s completed numerous races, including the Queens Stage of the Tour of Utah and has placed 3x in the LOTOJA, including 1st Place in the tandem division riding with Neubert’s father.

The film is a family affair, that’s his mom riding and voicing. If you’re headed out for a ride this morning, this’ll help you revisit the other side of why we all ride.


  1. Disappointed to see that there were no lights on her bike on her trip home. It was pretty dark…

    I would say her seat is too low, also the handlebar was way way WAY up, top of spacers and turned up. It was taking off….

  2. With videos like these coming out every other day, it’s no wonder that everyone in a car wants to kill us.
    Yeah, it’s artistic and neat, but at the end of the day, it’s just another video with a solo cyclist riding along, sad piano music playing and said cyclist reading something sensitive that they wrote.

  3. Come back to me when YOU place in the LOTOJA and then I might consider listening to your expertise on saddle height and bar position.

    The armchair critique is astounding.

  4. Thank you for that talented and moving piece! Those critics merely spew noise to distract or defray such coveted passion for cycling. I know! I once held the course record at LOTOJA! But that’s not why I ride! Thanks for sharing your passion!

  5. Why would the position of the saddle or handlebar have anything to do with this video? I’d find you pathetic if you can’t see what are merely objects. Cycling is part adventure, part get-in-touch-with-oneself and part art. All rolled up, it is a very personal thing.

    Thank you for sharing. Wish we have roads like these around here.

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