Kurt Kinetic trainer and Carmichael Training Systems holiday bundle for 2013Looking to sway your decision as to which trainer to wish for under the tree, Kinetic is bundling a Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 trainer, three months of Carmichael Training Systems full-service coaching and a Train Right Climbing series DVD 3-pack at a discounted rate. The coaching services include a completely personalized training schedule, power file analysis and scheduled adjustments to help maximize results.

CTS will also begin providing indoor training tips in Kinetic’s email newsletters and post standard (read: outdoor) training advice on Kinetic’s website. Those will augment the existing (and hopefully growing) collection of training articles on Kinetic’s site, which already includes a CTS Power Field Test.

It’s called the THAW (Train Hard And Win) package and retails for $759. Full details here.


  1. Just google greg strock and chris Carmichael for the story as to he doped kids.

    Don’t buy Carmichael services or products- he doped kids that caused long term health consequences.

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