Stages Cycling crank based power meter group shot

European riders can now get the Stages Cycling stick-on power meter directly from the brand.

The units will still be manufactured and attached to the crank arms in their Boulder, CO (USA) headquarters, then shipped to Europe. Sebastian Eckmann, who most recently worked for Pearl Izumi, will head up operations in Kirchzarten, Germany.. Rather than run through a different distributor for each country, they’ll sell direct to both shops and consumers, streamlining the process a bit (for them, anyway). Saddleback LTD will continue to serve the UK and Ireland.

Initial inventory and options are limited, but the full range is expected to be in stock there sometime in January. Stages Power meters will start at €699 and top out at €899 for sales in Continental Europe.


  1. Why would a retailer even bother to stock these? Unless there is sufficient margin that the retailer can undercut the cost that stages sells them for direct (which I doubt) and unless Stages allows retailers to do that (which I also doubt) — there is virtually no incentive for a retailer to care to compete at a higher price (after factoring in sales tax).

  2. @Samuel – Retailers obviously get better pricing. Like just about every product they sell. Why would they have to sell for less than Stages sells direct for it to make sense? They make a margin at MSRP so they can make money by selling them or not make anything by telling you to order them yourself.

  3. I don’t understand why they translate the dollar price 1-on-1 to a euro price??? When I buy this in the States I get a 37% discount? For me this is the difference between buying or not buying….

    (or getting a friend living in the states buy one for me)

  4. Marking it as ‘gift’ doesn’t work. It will only slightly increase the value till what you don’t have to pay import tax and vat. Declaring a low value will work in most cases but is clearly illegal.

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