BIUS1 Red BioconformThe Bioconform pedals are a unusual take on the modern city pedal. Designed around a spring, the BUIS1 pedals give the knee and hip joints to move independently when pedaling to ease the stress on muscles and ligaments.

They’re designed to allow you to pedal in a “skating motion,” and have a large degree of float built in. The manufacturer, who specializes in biomechanical components, claims that this not only reduces the risk of joint injury from repetitive movement, but also helps exercise a wider area of muscles than conventional equipment.Bioconform Spring Pedal_bius1_silber_The pedal platform is somewhat small compared to typical flat pedal offerings at only 85x85x120 mm, but weight is claimed at a very respectable 245 grams. The forged AlZnMgCu platforms are limited to riders weighing no more than 50-120 kg (110-265 lbs.) The spring loaded pedals will set you back $300. Pick yours up here.


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    And I hope you meant that the maker specializes in “biomechanical components” rather than “biochemical components”

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