Industries do not advance unless artists are allowed to experiment, flourish, and grow. And while you may balk at the idea of an all natural cork saddle, this is clearly a design concept. And who knows, it may be really comfortable (we won’t discuss durability or weights here). Pop past the break for more pics and info.


This concept is the product of Swedish, student design duo Sofia Almqvist and Carl Cyrén of the Industrial Design School of Konstfack Konstfack University of Stockholm. The saddle itself is actually CNC machined out of a solid block of cork. You have to admit, that’s kinda cool.


Before you completely dismiss this idea, and while they not considered high-performance footwear, recall the highly successful German producer of cork-bed sandals. Now that’s comfort.


Credit: Gessatgo Blog


  1. Hi,
    there’s no such thing as “Industrial Design School of Konstfack.”
    The designers are attending the Bachelor’s programme in Industrial Design at Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden.


  2. There’s a reason one’s told to store their wine bottles on their side: so the cork doesn’t dry out.

    What do we do here? Store bike upside-down, with saddle in bucket of water?

  3. Cork grips have been around for years, so the material can handle the weather. I’d be concerned about structural strength unless there is a seat pan under there.

  4. What about high performance cork footbeds that have been the gold standard for years in the ski industry? Treat the material properly and there’s no reason it shouldn’t last. I bet it’d be super comfy and mold to your bottom.

  5. I had cork foot beds in boots during my 10 years in the Army and they were great. Also had great luck with cork grips and a cork deck pad on my stand-up paddle board. That said, I have concerns about how well a cork saddle would hold up to the rubbing that saddles endure.

  6. you expect me to take a cork saddle on a flat bar faux fixie with a quill stem?
    I dont think so, and as far i remember all of the ground break products usually look like something off of a space ship. Case in point the original rido saddle, the SMP saddle, or the dash carbon saddle. All those saddle look ugly but worked well this just looks like something someone who only talks about sustainability, wears lots of chrome gear, and name drops bike messenger names would use.

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