Limited Edition 2014 75th Anniversary Schwinn Paramount road bike

Richard Schwinn, grandson of the Schwinn’s founder Ignaz Schwinn and head of Waterford Cycles, has joined forces with CSG and on of the 80’s Paramount engineers Marc Muller. Together, they’ll create a limited run of 25 custom, hand built steel Paramount road bikes to celebrate the bike’s 75th anniversary. Schwinn itself was founded in 1885 and will celebrate it’s 129th birthday next year.

The Schwinn Paramount is one of the classic road race bikes, but this version is fully modern with the customers’ choices of three steel mixes, standard or internal cable routing or Di2 ports and custom geometry. The frames can be ordered in three configurations: Paramount Air (air hardened, heat treated steel tubing), Paramount Air/Stainless (Air front, stainless rear triangle) and Paramount Stainless (full stainless steel frame). Finish options are numerous, including three custom paint colors like the Pearl White shown above.

They’ll use Waterford’s custom Artisan dropouts with compass points engraved on them and the flat seatstay tops. Other nods to the original include custom stainless steel lugs throughout and original logo and graphics stylings. Each lug is made specific to each bike, making every one completely original and custom.

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  1. I was going to poke fun at the riser stem, and relaxed riding position. Then I realized that someone is really going to enjoy riding this bike. I hope that it fits them nicely. Good for them.

  2. @mat: 15mm? More like 50mm. But as Caliente said, someone will enjoy this and that’s what matters. I love to be critical of spacers on custom bikes, but Caliente is right.

  3. Someone will enjoy this – but there’s just photographic conventions to make a bike look sleek and fast and awesome, one of which is slamming the stem. You put Dura-Ace cranks, slick wheels, an ass-floss saddle, and race classic paint together with that stem and spacer setup, it just doesn’t work in a photo!

    Nice bike all around though.

  4. I have to agree about the spacer stack looking weird, but anyone who is going to slam the stem (like us), can see this without needing the demo bike to be that way. I’d say some compromise in the middle makes sense – 10mm headset cap, 10mm spacer & stem flipped down. That is appropriate imo. Of course if it were mine I would probably use a 17 degree stem slammed. Then again if it’s a true retro build I’d use a quill stem and old campy or DA parts.

    Nice frame Schwinn!

  5. for the last 3, or 4 years, i have come to question the truthfulness when people equate “made in USA” to “quality”. As of today, I have an Indy Fab SSR, a Lemond Poprad Disc, a Gary Fisher Ferrous, all made in USA, but truthfully speaking in terms of product quality, on a scale of 1-10, I can only say the Indy Fab is a true 10/10 for craftsmanship, the other 2 are somewhat mediocre at best. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy riding any of my 3 bikes, but the fact that the 2 Trek-brand products simply aren’t all that superb makes me question the wisdom behind the fervent of domestic production.

    personally, I know how to weld, and OS Platinum isn’t that hard to tig weld.

  6. Yeah, the stem kind of bothers me- but I actually like seeing bikes as they will be ridden. It is indicative that it’s not a custom frame; as nice as it is, if a size doesn’t fit you like a glove you too may be running 20mm of spacers and an inverted stem.

    I guess if you’re a diehard Schwinn fan it’s to go for, but personally I’d just have Waterford make me exactly what I wanted.

  7. I agree that bikes look much sexier with a slammed stem, and would want custom geometry to match, etc. but I also understand that Waterford doesn’t need to do shit to impress a bunch of whiners on bike rumor. Get over it. Its a beautiful bike, and they’ve at least got it in the big ring for the photos.

  8. Honestly, if that setup is indicative of how a bike will be ridden, then they didn’t do their research. They could have made the head tube taller and forced those who do want an aggressive position to use a negative drop stem. If aesthetics didn’t matter, they wouldn’t have beautifully plated chainstays on this bike. There should be no reason to run 50mm of spacers. It is just sloppy looking.

    @slippyfish is right. For a photoshoot its simple, drop the stem, and photoshop the spacers out on top if you don’t want to waste inventory by cutting down a steer tube. Might as well flip the bars upside down and show a bunch of homeless dudes riding it around.

  9. WOW so nice to see this.
    I wish Schwinn wasn’t owned by DOREL, who owns Cannodale, GT BIKES as well as Mongoose. THEY RUINED the Schwinn name. DOREL needs to bring back Schwinn frame manufacturing to the USA and STOP SELLING to WALMART.
    Wouldn’t it be great if Schwinn USA made a state of the art, full carbon frame, that would go head to head with all the TAIWANESE cool-aid brands. O YES SPECIALIZED SUCKS ASS. Long live Schwinn. An American Icon. MADE IN AMERICA BY AMERICANS WHAT A CONCEPT.
    Schwinn should get a bailout from the US Government, Instead of the “douche bag” auto

  10. @chaosquest- your COMMENTS are plagued by YOUR incessant NEED TO CAPITALIZE THINGS that dont need capitaliZATION. And as such are impossible to read properly. you are NOT GETTing your point ACROSS by overusing the SHIFT KEY


    in short- please stop sporadically yelling at people with your comments.

  11. One more thing the stem and stack is RIDICULOUS, “REALLY” COME ON SERIOUSLY.

  12. @ Jon Jon: I have a Ferrous and a Croix De Fer and love the Geo and ride on both. However, the welds are definitely worse than many Taiwanese bikes I’ve seen / owned. Still, I would rather support manufacturing in the US so that people without a college degree can make a living without relying on the “safety net”… or something like that. I got a wicked deal on the Ferrous and the Croix De Fer used so I actually didn’t support anyone…

  13. They will sell all 25 regardless of what the stem looks like in this pic.

    Waterford is not BigCorp Bike Co, Taiwan ROC, so it may make a difference to them, whether they decide to cut a steerer tube on a custom painted fork just too look good in pix for peeps who have slamthatstem bookmarked…

    Probably not the market for this bike, anyway. If you want the correct incredulous, snarky response, it is: threadless stem?!? C’mon, tradition demands 1″ threaded + quill stem.

  14. The bike looks great, I truly love it. I just cant get my head around the price tags. Okay, fair enough, its limited edition but most steel bikes cost a fortune. sad sad

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