TranzX Dropper Post JD-YSP03 copy

Apparently, this is the time for some big releases form TranzX, though their new dropper posts designs are arguably a bit more exciting than their vibration absorbing stem. Similar to their stem design, the innovative tech TranzX is bringing to the table will find its way to showroom floors through their OEM partners – which begs the question, what OEM is going to have a wireless dropper post soon? TranzX is actually offering 3 different dropper post models with two of them relying on a hydraulic cartridge and the third the electronic, wireless option.

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TransX Dropper 2

While Thomson has been working on a Bluetooth equipped dropper post for a while now, TranzX claims their JD-YSP06 post is the first wireless dropper available (whatever available through OEMs means). The post uses a 2.4GHz transmission system with a micro motor powered by a battery pack mounted under the seat. As with previous TranzX press releases, details are limited, but the post will be offered in 80, and 100mm drops with the actual post at 350mm and 400mm. The posts do seem to have a major downside though – each dropper, including the mechanical/hydraulic options is listed at having a 70kg (154lb) and 90kg(198lb) “recommended max load” depending on the choice of 2 models.

The mechanical/hydraulic models will be offered in the basic version and the ICR (internal cable routing) models. The Basic will come in 80 and 100mm drops (350mm and 400mm length) while the ICR will add a third 120mm drop option at a 420mm length. Each mechanical post also has the “recommended max load” of 70 and 90kg depending on the choice of 2 models. More when we have it.


  1. Almost the perfect dropper post in theory.

    When is someone going to release a post that goes down with a push of a button back up. My biggest issue with dropper posts is that when you are approaching a tech section I don’t always have the time to sit on my post to drop it. Come on Fox and Shimano, you like working together make it happen!!!!

  2. @groghunter, that 9point8 definitely functions like a normal dropper post. You need to sit on it for it to drop. Not sure where you’re getting your info from.

  3. Big Cow, Maybe they’ll release a Ultra Light version!?
    TRANSX-UL would be an amazing product name!

    To my mind, with a backpack and some decent kit on, there is a large number of people who won’t meet the 70kg requirement.

  4. so whats wrong with a QR seat collar. You may have to actually stop and adjust your post height…oh no! One of the many issues with ANY dropper post is that there is play and more will develop over time. Its pretty much the same with suspension posts…rockshox and others went all out to develop and market them and what bikes do you see them on now…department store bikes. The difference between the dropper and suspension post is that suspension posts actually serve a purpose of taking out some of the bumps (on a hardtail). The dropper has no real purpose except to cater to the super pro wannabes that think they will be losing time by taking a second to adjust post height before entering different terrain. Push too many buttons and flip too many levers and your going to hit a tree! My parting thought, how many uci world cup mtb riders are rocking out with a dropper…are they constantly dropping and raising theyre posts or just riding and winning. Want to be like Mike…find your happy medium and just ride!

  5. mtbjedi – I’m hoping you are being ironically sarcastic. Enduro seems to be coming on as a legit sport nowadays. Look at how many of those “pros” are using dropper posts and winning on them… (hint: all of them). Stop and lower it down manually? Really? ….really? That’ll really push innovation, the cycling economy, and improve our ride experience! Singlespeed, tubed tired, non-suspension bikes for all!

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