Anyone who has tried to ride a bike backwards knows how hard it is. Even if you can do so around a parking lot in the middle of the city, taking your new found skill to the mountains is an entirely different story. Throw in a wet road? Now that’s just crazy talk. Eskil Ronningsbakken makes it look easy (except for that one part where he nearly plummets over the edge to certain death) while traveling up to 80 km/h in Trollstigen, Norway.

GT BMX welcomes Ty Callais to the team for 2013.

SRAM continues to make some amusing commercials. This time it’s J-Pow “working.”

Swobo, with the help of Bicycle Times put together this film featuring the works of Christopher Igleheart for Volume 1 of their Movers and Makers series.

Nick Pescetto knows how to ride his Scott Gambler in Know Pain Know Gain by the CPGANG.


  1. Part of me really wanted to seem him crash and break a leg…. Although this did take some skill, it may be the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

  2. Jim, need I remind you Sarah Palin was a vice presidential nominee? Dumb, yes, but maybe this is how the big three should test road disk brakes?

  3. Come on Eskil Ronningsbakken, where’s the video of you riding your bike backwards UP that climb?? That would be really impressive…

  4. Francois, need I remind you that the US has Obama as its President? Idiotic and a moron, yes, but maybe this guy likes to ride backwards.

  5. Yo Francois- I lived in France for a year, and can’t help but remembering how well Jean Marie Le Pen, your far right politician did. For those who don’t know who Le Pen is, he is openly anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, and racist, and he did quite well twice in the French presidential elections. I also remember him talking for about five minutes on TF1, the French equivalent of Fox News. TF1 really does let people like him talk for a good long time, under the guise of reporting, TF1 gives people like him a voice.

  6. I started riding my bike like that when I was ten years old. The impressive part is that beautiful road. Riding backwards is an excuse not to shred the hell out of that descent. Props on getting the video this far.

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