Jimmy Beam Down Light Lighting System JBDL

While many new products-to-market are variations on a theme at best, and gimmicky at worst, the Jimmy Beam Down Light (JBDL) is a true advancement in commuter safety. And in light of the recent cyclist deaths in London (for which over a thousand cyclists recently staged a “die in” in protest) this innovation may be a real life-saver. Check out the glow past the break…

Jimmy Beam Down Light Lighting System JBDL Truck

Designed for multiple formats, including RVs, truck-trailers, and bicycles, the Jimmy Beam Down Light creates a “context” for the width of the commuter (or trailer), giving motorists a far better sense of your presence.

Jimmy Beam Down Light Lighting System JBDL

In testing with cyclists sharing a road with truck drivers, the drivers were quoted in a Dec. 5 BikeBiz article as stating, “[T]he footprint of light surrounding the cyclist helped in judging a safe clearance when overtaking [them].” Compared to a standard commuter light system (for which the JBDL does not replace) the JBDL system is clearly more visible.

Jimmy Beam Down Light Lighting System JBDL Single

The cycling-suitable version of the JBDL is the 12v-24v LED “Single System” which is angularly adjustable allowing customization of the light’s footprint.

For every bright idea there is often a downside. The manufacturer is not currently making information available regarding cycling specific mounting, battery options nor run-times. Regardless, this new approach to safety is surely worth pursuing.

Jimmy Beam Down Light Lighting System JBDL

Additional consideration: in order to achieve a full perimeter of glow, one must purchase four separate “Single Systems” which retail for 73.61 GBP each (aprox. $120) for a grand total of $480 for the set of four. Pricey! But then again, what does a trip to the emergency room cost?


  1. This is a very good idea, also just purchase 4 separate LED lights with an adjustable mount and attach to your bike, hey presto the same thing for a fraction of the cost.

  2. kinda pricey, but probably worth it until knock offs spring up. Maybe drunk drivers will aim at the ground and crash into it. lol

  3. Love the idea. Cost is high in my opinion, but no one will be saying that from the emergency room after deciding to pass on buying them.

  4. a trip to the emergency room is free in the UK 😉 quite a large and not aesthetically pleasing system…not to mention the price…

  5. Since I started riding with 700-3000 lumin lights at night I have had no problems with motorists who statistically kill more cyclist by turning into the path of them rather than running them down. $20-$60

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