HelmMate Storage SolutionNow that plastic bags are being rapidly banned across the country, the HelmMate offers an excellent solution for commuters who need to keep their saddles dry and helmets secure during the rainy season.

The $45 accessory attaches to your saddle rails and opens up to reveal a large waterproof nylon bag with an elastic band that stretches over your saddle. It’s intended to be large enough that you can place your helmet on your seat and secure both by stretching the bag over the front of your saddle, then use a small padlock to secure everything.

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Helm Mate CaseThe HelmMate’s resembles a sunglasses case in both size and dimension.
HelmMate MountedPick your up here for 34,00 €



  1. I think this is more about the bag then the lock. It keeps the honest honest. If you’re worried about theft, don’t leave your stuff outside.

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