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Among all of the bicycling gear that you would expect, Eurobike and Interbike always have a number of things that are hard to classify, cool to see, or just down right weird. There are also great ideas hidden along the outer perimeter like Zambike’s Zambulance. While we are fortunate enough to just call for an ambulance and one will drive up right to your door, in many parts of the world people are still carried on a stretcher by hand or in a wheelbarrow. Zambikes is changing that with their Zambulance trailer.

See a LOT more randoms, plus more of the Shinola Jeep truck after the break…

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Built as a simple trailer, the Zambulance is made locally and can be pulled behind any bicycle or motorcycle. See it in action, or donate at Zambikes.org.

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There are usually a few internal combustion vehicles around the show as well, like Bicycling Magazine’s wrapped Skyline GT-R. So that’s what those multipage Gita ad inserts are paying for…

Shinola Detroit Ford Truck20130918_0148

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Though it’s a toss up to what I’d want more, the Skyline or this totally awesome Jeep Willy’s pickup that was found in the building Shinola now calls home. Restored to better-than-new condition, the rolling display booth got a lot of attention. And smoked out the convention hall as it was leaving.

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Slightly more utilitarian is the 5-hour Energy team car.

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There were a lot of comments on our Sea Sucker coverage about the suction cups – if they can hold this monster of a rack in place your single bike should be just fine.

Chrome Interbike20130918_0183

Parked out in front of the Chrome RV, was this rad ChromeMotor cafe racer. Touch and die.

Chrome Interbike20130918_0182

Their water feature also proved to be quite popular.

Cliff Bar New hydration Recovery Drink Mix20130918_0145

Not as interactive, but still clever, was Clif’s water feature – a cascade of water bottles.


For bicycle art and sculpture you can actually put in your own house, The Recycler has you covered with everything from wall mounted goodies to furniture.


And then there’s installation art:

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New this year to Interbike was the Paddock – an outdoor venue with exhibitors, food, and an outdoor test track. Outside you could also find a small army of CycleOps trainers…

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…and whatever these are? Apparently a Segway for someone too lazy to stand? Otherwise known as a Jazzy scooter…

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The day after Cross Vegas, the racing took to the street parking lot, with crit races just outside Mandalay Bay. The Rolf Prima van had a front row seat to the action.

With the setting Vegas sun reflecting in the glimmering windows of the hotel, that’s a wrap from Interbike.


  1. It is still a supercar, and I am sure they weren’t going to go to the expense of getting and Italian supercar, considering most Italian supercars are 2-3 times the price to rent or buy

    Even if they went with Maserati, they would still get a better deal with the Nissan

  2. I thought Pinarellos (even their coveted Dogma) is made in Asia…so the car and the bike are actually more similar than you would think.

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