sigma-rox-10-GPS-cycling-computerThe Sigma Rox 10.0 GPS cycling computer launched at Sea Otter this year and brought the brand into modern times with GPS, ANT+ and mapping/routing capabilities. And we’ve wanted one ever since. Problem is, shipments are sold out before they even get off the ship. Word is the next batch makes its way to the US just after the New Year, so get your order in now if you want it.

Coming along at the same time will be a much needed update to the Data Center that allows for direct upload to Strava. It’ll generate a .FIT file that can be sent to everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) social ride app. Now, all your rides will actually happen. Training Peaks will still require you to save the file and upload it separately.

If you’re a triathlete that uses a GPS running watch as your overall movement tracker, the Soleus GPS devices and/or computer software also get an update to allow direct uploads to Strava. Their Draft GPS cycling computer is already compatible with Strava.

In other news, the recall notice sent earlier this year for a small batch of their Red WiFli 10-speed rear derailleurs finally gets official from the CPSC. About 1,700 total units are affected, some of which were reportedly contained before being sent out. Check past the break for the full PR and linkage…


PRESS RELEASE: SRAM worked with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and other global authorities on a voluntary product recall of SRAM RED 10-speed medium cage rear derailleurs. SRAM has determined that there is a potential for the derailleur parallelogram to jam and no longer shift.

This presents a safety issue. As a result SRAM is actively retrieving and replacing all affected SRAM RED 10-speed medium rear derailleurs. SRAM has already begun a pro-active quarantine of product. SRAM advises consumers to stop using these products immediately. Failure of the SRAM RED 10-speed medium cage rear derailleurs while in use may result in loss of bicycle control and possible injury.

In the public recall announcement, we ask consumers owning one of these products to stop riding immediately and confirm the derailleur has a serial number between 31T2000000 – 11T39999999, and return any affected derailleurs to their dealer to obtain a free replacement. Please refer to images to confirm serial number location.

Any dealer with a SRAM RED 10-speed medium rear derailleur installed on a bicycle as part of a groupset within the indicated serial number range can exchange these derailleurs with their local SRAM DSD, TechCenter or SRAM Distributor. Return of the existing derailleur would be required, replacements would be shipped with a SRAM 1091R.

As always, we appreciate your business, and apologize for the disruption.

The CPSC has required that we share the following link to the official recall notification:

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  1. I applaud SRAM on taking the necessary actions to recall their products and do the proper research to recognize that issues are consistent. With all the technology in the cycling industry happening at what seems to be the speed of light, there are bound to be issues that arise. Too many people jump the gun on hating on SRAM, but how many of you drive a Toyota or a Lexus, or any of the other number of car companies that are constantly recalling their vehicles? If you prefer Shimano, then buy a bike with Shimano, but don’t look down on a company for taking the proper avenues to be sure their products are safe for their consumers. Also, for all of you out there driving to bike shops in your Lexus with recalled airbags getting ready to dump your Red for Dura Ace, hit me up, I’ll gladly pay a discount price for your gear that probably sees little use…….

  2. well…. If they were REALLY concerned with safety they should have TESTED their product BEFORE releasing it. But, then again, why do testing when the majority of the products will end up trashed in a few months from normal wear and tare!! Anyway, the SRAM supporters are also Prius drivers.. nuff said!

  3. It’s virtually impossible to cover all possible failure modes in testing, so thinking that because a company has issued a recall must mean they do no testing is naive at best but more likely just willfully ignorant.

    No, I don’t own any SRAM products.

  4. Mark Cavendish cussed out his team manager and team mechanic at the Tour this year because he didn’t like the brakes (SRAM) on his new bike. He insisted to ride his old bike. The team mechanic replaced all the SRAM components with non-hydraulic SRAM brakes which appeased Cavendish.

    Now get this. Months later SRAM has a widespread recall of several hydraulic brakes. It makes you wonder about SRAM’s quality control, or the ability to put a quality, tested, product to market without making a safety recall.

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