What have you done with your mountain bike? Looking to provide some inspiration for the mountain biking masses, Zürich based Filme von Draussen have put together their latest film listing 10 things they think every mountain biker should do. The mountain bike is a fantastic tool  for exploring the country side and your personal limits so we tend to agree. I’m not really sure if riding over a mountain counts as a mountain range, so I’ll give myself a 9 out of 10. What’s your score? Lower than you hoped? Time to start planning your next adventure!

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From Filme von Draussen:

This is a short compilation of experiences I made on my mountain bike during the past three years that I found worth sharing. And if you know fellow riders that are in need of a boost of motivation, please share this video with them!

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Josh Garrels “Rise” (Kye-Kye-Remix)
Aerial Footage of race sequence:
SO Emotion AG (so-emotion.ch) & Aeropicture (aeropicture.ch)


  1. An easier list for some than others. I feel fortunate to have done them all. I’d take “visit a bike park” off of the list. Replace it with “build a trail.”

  2. we are missing: teaching someone to ride a mtb in a tech singletrack, am I right?
    9/10 living in a tropical country does not help to ride in the snow, replace that task.

  3. Ok, so that’s a decent list of what most determined mountain bikers have already done. But I agree with the commenters, how about the next 10 we all need to do. My first shot at it is:
    – build a trail and name it
    – take a friend on their first ride in the dirt
    – teach a kid to mountain bike
    – ride with the person who made your frame
    – ride into another country
    – film a ride and make a watchable video of it
    – cheer for everyone from the juniors to the pros at a race
    – ride with someone who rides for a living
    – get an article you wrote or a photo you took published in a bike mag
    – host and organize a race

    Maybe we can come together and make the next video!

  4. @Cory

    Riding with the person who built my frame would be difficult. Most live in Taiwan or China…Does having a few beers and going on a ride with the guys who designed it count?

  5. Cory you are spot on. Based on where you live you may have done these all by default not thinking it was all that challenging to do

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