Just when you think everyone has given up on the lowly 26″ wheel, Cotic bikes reminds us that 26 ain’t dead with an awesome little clip from Steel City Media.

Details after the jump.

From Cotic Bikes:

To celebrate the arrival of our new 2014 colour 26″ hardtails, check out the latest Cotic video from Steel City Media showing why 26″ wheels are ace. The BFe is the first frame to get our new Black Grape colour, which is a fantastic deep purple gloss. It is now available alongside the Gloss Bright Green (as shown in the film) and Matte Gritstone. Our legendary Soul frame is now available in subtle Gritstone, as well as Duckegg.

Order yours for delivery on Friday https://www.cotic.co.uk/order

Because our new colours are coming in this week, we’ve got Gloss Bright Orange and Gloss Bright Green Soul frames on sale for just £375 whilst stocks last. Catch ’em while you can. Deals also available on complete bikes, forks and rolling chassis.

We’re also running a competition; to be in with a chance of winning one of five “26 ain’t dead T shirts” as worn by Craig in the film, share this Facebook and like the Cotic Facebook page. We’ll pick winners on Wednesday December 11th, so you’ve got a week!


  1. I have experience with all three sizes and have been mountain biking since 1995. 27.5 and 29″ wheels didn’t put any bigger of a smile on my face than a good old 26″. I’m sticking to 26″ because it is all about having fun.

  2. Ssshhh! We’re supposed to have a resurgence of “26’ers” after 27.5 and 29 have reached their maximum number of likely units sold. I predict this will be in 2-3 years – don’t spoil it by leaking it early!

  3. you know i never have fun when i mountain bike anymore. maybe its because i have a 27.5 wheeled bike? huh….thanks for the insight professor…

  4. The hidden clip they will release later is of that guy’s sister hunting hi down on her 97’er to get her jeans back.

    that was good ripping!

  5. SO RAD. I would ride the piss out of a AMHT 26er. Same with 650B AMHT. Plan to braze my own 650 in the coming months. Ride a 29er AMHT right now.

    ALL ARE FUN! Just different!

  6. Groomed trails and skinny jeans… Yeah, yeah, it’s like BMX in the woods for kids in their 20s. Why not 24″, 26 is all marketing and hype!

    When you have to ride the whole mt. that includes rocky trails, bigger wheels make more sense. I don’t see any of you saying, “Oh my old tiny flip phone will do, no need for bigger screens and smart phones cause it’s all hype!”

    Ride what ya like and quit whining about it!

  7. psucmyphuk – I never said that I didn’t have fun on the other wheel sizes. My point is that neither one improved my experience enough to justify the investment or abandon 26″. This is my experience. If 27.5 works for you then I’m happy for you.

  8. Thinking of all the bike changes, I cannot help but recall a photo of a man that did every Leadville 100 on the same bike; a hardtail, with a modest suspension fork, and cantilever brakes, (not V brakes!). It may have been a steel frame.

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