Trek Carbon Cyclocross Carbon ProtoSpotted on the Instagram feed of Trek sponsored professional racer Megan Pura Porteous, this prototype looks like the company’s first foray into a disc equipped carbon cyclocross model. It’s hard to decipher much from the grainy image, but it does appear that the bike has internal routing for DI2 and a madone-esque integrated seat mast.

For more speculation, head over to BikeRadar.


  1. Treks ISP actually a good application for cross – one less point of entry for water. But a lot of these bikes travel: how do the Madone/Domanes fit in travel bags?

  2. Um that’s a seat post clamp about 2.5″ above the top tube, where the graphics on the seatpost just mysteriously appear. That’s because the seat post is inserted into the frame there.

  3. @David– Trek uses really stubby seat masts with long caps, so that is their seat mast system. and as @Bob astutely noticed, that does look to be an iso-speed coupler from the Domane. This bike will be the killer app for cross. I’m sure the fork will use the Domane fork configuration to get some more compliance.

    I think Trek is spot on with new Chronus CX. Now hopefully, the can get KFC on it to get it some victories on the world stage.

  4. While Megan is an attractive person. Brian comment is very rude. It should be deleted so she does not have to see it.

    Also sweet Bike!!

  5. This is more gravel road bike than cyclocross bike. If Nys is racing on a TREK after the first of the year it certainly won’t be this bike. Too tall head tube, unneeded added weight of “domaine” style damping, spindly fork legs and less than ideal top tube shape add up to a niet.

  6. 1. Megan is otherworldly hot.
    2. Thomas, Nate, Saris…get over yourselves. You think Trek/Meg are infants to marketing…nasty talk on their world class bad ass is all part of the imaging.
    3. Jesus, a few dudes say they’d shag a hot woman…oh my virgin ears!!!!! You act like they went all BDSM on it…really, get over it.
    4. @eyal. Are you kidding? Not that we have to relitigate the issue but don’t broad brush the issue. Are you as bearish on EVERY cyclist that ever jacked or just the most famous one? I don’t ride a trek, never will, but Lance is still a god damn hard man of the tallest order.

  7. lol at this set of comments going off track. It’s like the typical dude-walks-into-wall in front of hot babe sorta thing haha. You are all dogs, including the fake prince charmings swooping in! :p

  8. OK! tell me it has thru axles on it

    btw: if this comes out, what’s the difference between a domane and this bike apart from the brakes? well done!

    i did not know trek sponsored such nice looking ladies. with all respect for KFC that is 😉
    bring on the womens road squad guys!

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