Sampson Rock mountain bike pedals

Long just a road brand, with updated models being announced just last week, Eric has just released his first mountain bike product – The Sampson Rock Pedal.

It’s an SPD compatible design that gets a hardened alloy body with heat treated steel entry/release mechanisms and a stainless steel top plate under the cleats. They roll on sealed cartridge bearings and chromoly axles. They’re designed for all around use, but skew toward cross country a bit. Tension has a micro-adjust screw to help dial the grab.

Weights are just 147g per pedal (claimed) and retail will be $99 when they come available February 2014. He’ll have a second MTB pedal coming a bit later in 2014, too.


  1. does Sampson just copy 90% of other already established components that are out there……their so called “shifters” were another low tier brand with their name on it, these pedals cough cough “wellgo”…are now primed for the market…their road pedals too are probably a copy or likeness of some other brand out there……
    I just don’t get who, why, and how many people actually buy Sampson anything?
    you can polish a turd, but at the end of the day its still a stinky turd OR something Sampson will copy and carry….

  2. Shame on BikeRumor for spreading this garbage as news. Do some research on the products you post before making it sound like a truly new product. The comment section is quickly becoming the only reason for me to visit BR.

    Shame on Sampson for being Sampson. Sampson business model- take products that work just fine for people at a good price, slap a Sampson sticker on it, make it sound new and exciting and charge 3 times the price. If anything, the Sampson name devalues the product, you should charge $10 for those pedals!

  3. ..that red alloy bolt is worth $40 premium alone. Too bad this is the old generation SPD mechanism, not nearly as good as, say, XT pedals, that can be had for around $60.

  4. I would guess that sampson’s biz model might be more around complete bikes. Overpricing their aftermarket parts makes the bikes seem like a better deal. Avid appeared to have done this when v brakes first came out. The mb pedal sorta blows my theory so maybe I’m full of it.

  5. Wow, I am happy to create such endless amusement for you guys. dwiz- lets see some of your products please, or at least a few of your TDF team photos, because you clearly are either a world-class rider or have a library of patents in your file. I would not mind the negative comments, but I would bet you have never used any of our products.

    Right now, our pedal product line has many Sampson only products, such as our new carbon Stratics pedal products, the Fondo, and our new FS adjustable pedals, which move in 3 planes. Our new Fondo IS similar to the A520 -except the spindle and bearings offer a lot longer life. It is a revision of a product we have made for many years, and it was made because I wanted to have a high-quality , durable pedal with these features. Now, Shimano also has an enhanced version of this concept, and at a far higher retail price than the 520 as well.

    There is a lot of activity behind the scenes that you are not aware of regarding design and development in a lot of these products in various forms. We do have a Wellgo made MTB produced product entering our product line with some improved assembly and cosmetic features. It offers really good performance at a good retail price. As far as being expensive, the $99 msrp is retail, with dealer margin. The private label model being sold at the link above is sold for $79 bike-shop direct. Since our $99 price has standard dealer margins of 40-50% , the consumer will be the judge if the improved cosmetics, packaging, and dealer support are worth a premium . Clearly the huge margins are not on our side. Maybe you need to attack somebody new Riley. Our Stratics carbon retails at $199- again, with healthy dealer margins, and offers very low weight, a huge platform and very easy entry.

    The new Rock is due to the fact that we have a second all-new MTB product in development right now- but it is at a much higher price point. To develop an attractive line for the retailer, I wanted to have a good riding, sub-$100 pedal for the line, as the majority of pedals sold in the USA are actually under $100. As noted, we do have an all-new MTB pedal in the works, but the existing product works very well, and at this price point, making the pedals look really good is worthwhile, as mechanically there is not a lot to gain here.

    As far as if the product should be covered, ask the editor, Tyler. I send out releases to many publications, and am happy when we see coverage. I was not aware that BR was only for new patents or only clean-sheet designs.

    In summary, Sampson has a lot of products in our stable that we have developed, or co-developed with others. If you think a Toyota and Lexus are the same, then you buy the Toyota, if the extra finish and features add value to you , you buy the Lexus.

    I am pleased to have your comments, but would appreciate your being factual or if this is too tough, at least civil.

    Eric Sampson

  6. whatever, eric. These pedals are on ebay for 50$, shipping included. And for another 42$ you can buy titanium spindles. But I guess you are right. If I can get these at a local shop for 70$, is not bad at all.

  7. Eric “I send out releases to many publications, and am happy when we see coverage. ”

    Perhaps you should avoid sending releases of rebadged stuff then.
    You aren’t gonna fool us. “cosmetic features” meh

    p.s. Nice Attitude. I don’t think I’ll be buying any Sampson products.

  8. Clearly, to be able to comment on a company’s product, it’s not enough to have seen the product and make a comparison with existing products, you need to be a world class athlete or the Thomas Edison of the bike industry. I was served a terrible excuse of a meal at a restaurant recently, but I just kept quiet because I’m no Michelin-starred chef. My dry-cleaner burned holes in my expensive suit, but what do I know, I don’t have a Nobel Prize in chemistry. I went in for knee surgery, but the doctor removed half of my liver instead, but he just told me: “Are you a tenured professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine with over thirty years of clinical experience? No? Off you go then!”

  9. Eric,
    You bring up the fact that you are protecting dealer margins with the products you sell but yet you are selling Michelin Pro4 tires for over $20 LESS than MSRP. Don’t try to fool us. AGAIN.

    Also, I have NEVER seen any Sampson products in any LBS I have been in. Could be a variety of reasons that I am sure others have touched on above.

    Good day.

  10. Ha, thanks Shanghaied!
    Nice comment and I appreciate your point. But, if you actually had the meal, the cleaners, or the surgery, this does give you real experience, and a frame of reference to be accountable and accurate.

  11. eric:
    I am neither a product designer, nor do I hold patents of any kind…and most certainly no tour de france team nothing to share with you at all but an opinion..and the opinion of someone who pays for everything and has been in the bike biz for a long time. I’ve seen your stuff for awhile now nearly all of it on sites like this. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen any of your products in the field. Once comes to mind and you probably gave her the frame b/c of who she is…In any case, I choose to pay and put my money on stuff that is tried and true, that has an established reputation (both good and bad). Just look at the constructive criticism..the overwhelming consensus is that the stuff you created recently is boring, uninspiring, and near copies of what is already out there. What sets them apart from the rest? Seriously, $99.00 for these! A red bolt, some black spray paint…I just don’t see the point of releasing something that has zero pizzazz. And when I think of components to replace my used stuff with…..this brand never comes to mind. and no I’ve never used any of your stuff. I will take a pass….but good luck out there…Vote with your dollars as they say

  12. So payola article censoring comments?

    This is a pathetic catalog rebadge job, nothing more, nothing less. Not news worthy in the slightest.

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