Cargo-bikes, utility-bikes, lifestyle-bikes, whatever you wish to term them, they just keep popping up. The trend is less car, more bike! And we’re here to keep you in the know. Haul through the break to see a velomobile, a car-killer, and an urban concept…


With its three wheels, electric-motor, and car-like fairing, the E-Fox is truly bridging the gap between e-cars and bikes. NuWay2Commute, the company behind this velomobile, has fabricated the fiberglass fairing that encompasses a Terra Trike Rover recumbent-tricycle. To this they have incorporated a 500-watt hub-motor that will propel the E-Fox to 20mph with a range of 30 miles, all without pedaling. Or you can spring for the upgraded battery that allows for a speed of 28mph.


The fiberglass “body” includes a full lighting/signaling system, windscreen, rear window, and removable, clear-plastic doors. The goal was to be “breezy, but protective from inclement weather.”


While owner Jesse Stephenson is quick to acknowledge this technology is far from new, he believes the need for a car-alternative is greater than ever. And with an aggregate capacity of 270lbs the E-Fox can certainly handle a trip to the market. For those with larger shopping lists, add on the optional trailer for an additional 100lbs of load capacity.


Providing a new take on cargo hauling is NTS Works’ 2×4. As the name implies it’s a two-wheel drive machine – the rear wheel is conventionally powered via a Gates beltdrive and Shimano’s 8-speed Alfine, while the front wheel gets a high-torque, 250w (EU compliant) or optional 350w (Non-EU compliant) motor.


Notable highlights include a new-to-market, high-capacity Samsung battery with up to 1000 life-cycles, USB outlets for charging anything directly off the battery (very cool), disc brakes (essential for high capacity loads), unique wheel combo (26” rear; 24” front) that provides a balance of load stability and ergonomic height (i.e., not too low) for constant loading/unloading, and at the heart of it all a weight-saving aluminum frame.

The company claims you can ride ten thousand miles for only $30 worth of electricity, (multiple charges required, obviously) but no matter how your figures come out, with a cargo capacity of 200lbs and a lifetime service warranty, there is no debate, this is a car-killer in many ways. Check the video for more.


For a slight departure from all the utility talk – Canyon Bikes, known for killer, peloton thoroughbreds, has unveiled at Eurobike its Urban Concept.


The concept is displayed with a Sram Automatix two-speed hub powered by a Conti® belt drive. Additions are hydro discs, integrated lights (powered by a SON hub-dynamo) and an integrated locking system. Canyon states their goal was to have “[t]he cockpit frame and lighting…fused to form a single entity.” Looks like they nailed it.


Even with its basket the thing just looks fast.


  1. The E-fox finished its kickstarter campaign with 1% raised of its $45K goal. My euphemistic guess is that it lacks aesthetic appeal.

    Believe me, I’m all for utility velomobiles, as opposed to the much less practical though very fast velomobiles out there. If they can get a few more cars off the road, then great.

    But the argument of sustainable transportation alone just doesn’t do it for most people. The vehicle needs to be desirable for other reasons, like a Tesla.

    Nuway2commute’s and Organic Engines’ ambitions are commendable, but please do yourself a favor and hire an industrial/transportation designer, or better yet, have one as a business partner.

  2. Dig the cargo bike. There is no way in hell I would leave that thing on the beach while I was surfing though!

    Without a doubt though, that Canyon is the SEXIEST bike with a basket I have ever seen. I would kinda like to show up for a group ride on that.

  3. canyon bike stinks of design for its own sake concept bike
    the kiddie car would be cool just to have out in traffic and hog the lane with

  4. I own several Electric bikes and find the E-fox both visually appealing (in the eyes of the beholder) and more practical for grocery shopping and commuting back and forth to work then the 2 wheeled e-bikes. I do have a bike trailer which can haul up to 80lbs of cargo which I attach to the bikes. I’m planning to put a trailer hitch on the E-fox when it arrives. I weigh 170 lbs and I’m 6′ 1. which leaves another 100 lbs cargo capacity for the e-fox and an additional 80lbs if I attach the trailer. I do pedal all the time and use the motor more for assist and that’s probably why I’m 170 lbs ! My father and brother both took the e-fox for a test drive and found it quite zippy and fun to drive. My father is 80 and my brother 50. I look forward to using the e-fox daily to go to work and run errands. Obviously it won’t replace a car but will sure cut down on using one. I own 2 ping Lifep04 batteries which last up to 5 yrs each , one is a 36volt 20ah and the other is a 48 volt 20 ah and my bikes and the e-fox run off of either voltage. I think I will remain somewhat dry during the rain as well. I looked at the elf electric trike as well but at 48 inches wide it is very impractical for trying to commute on most roads. My job is located about 7.5 miles away and takes 20 minutes to get too and stores, banks , etc are all located within a few miles of my house so it is very practical for my situation. Also the roof rack will probably come in handy for so longer light weight items. I think it will be fun and great exercise to boot. The elliptical machine I have is very boring exercise. I will update my experience after I own it for awhile.

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