Lucetta Magnetic bicycle lights (3)It may not look like it, but this is a bike light. A pair of bike lights, actually. Brought to you by the same Italian design house as the crumpled city maps, Lucetta is the bicycle light simplified. Built without straps or buttons, the Lucetta is all you need in a light and nothing more – as long as there is ample steel on your bike.

Flip the switch on the Lucetta next.

Lucetta Magnetic bicycle lights (1) Lucetta Magnetic bicycle lights (2)

Designed by Emanuele Pizzolorusso, the secret to the Lucetta is magnets. Of course, that also means that your bike, fenders, seat post, or where ever you want to stick the Lucetta has to be steel. With a bit of ferrous metal, the Lucetta works by simply breaking apart the two lights from storage and sticking them to your bike. This action activates the light, and can be repeated to change the setting – either steady, flashing, or fast flashing. Each light duo has a single red and white LED that is powered by its own pair of CR2032 batteries (4 batteries per pair of lights). The batteries are good for up to 40 hours of run time in a weather resistant package.


Available in three colors, red, white, and black, the Lucetta retails for €25 with shipping to the US starting at €10 (~$47 total).


  1. oK, just my two cents about bike lights: If they cannot pack rechargeable batteries or do not run on rechargeable accus, I won’t even consider them.

  2. Agreed with yogibimbi.

    We’re about to enter 2014, why are people still making lights powered by disposable batteries? I don’t care how small it has to be, it can DEFINITELY be made to charge via USB, tons of tiny USB-rechargeable lights currently on the market show us just that. Lastly, the price; $47 is way too much for a LED and a magnet wrapped up in a small plastic shell.

  3. What about the angle of the light? I’ve never understood why some bike lights don’t compensate for the angle of the surface that they are attached to and instead point into the ground or sky. There is a big difference in visibility between an LED pointed straight at your eye and one that is pointing away from you at an angle.

  4. “the Lucetta is all you need in a light and nothing more”

    Provided “light” is not something you need from your light…
    well, at least it won’t ruin anyone’s night vision.

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