Strava App for Google Glass

When Google Glass finally becomes available to the masses, Strava will be one of the first apps available. Things like the Recon Jet put graphical information available in a similar heads up display (and, arguably, in a better spot at the bottom of the lens), and Sportiiiis’ Cliiiimb system can give you audible and color-based visual updates on your performance in Strava. But Glass may be the first to put the two together – real-time Strava info and a beautiful GUI.

Of course, Recon’s system has an open API, so we imagine it won’t be long before they integrate Strava, too. And it doesn’t ship until Spring 2014, anyway. Whether you like it or not, the age of instant gratification and heads up displays is coming to cycling next year.


  1. Strava’s nice for tracking rides/finding routes, and I’m cautiously optimistic about Glass, but the hell if I’d wear $1500 worth of delicate equipment that won’t hold up to a crash or some rain.

    A cheap bike computer tells me all the stuff I want to know on the ride, and I can wait until I’m home to find out just how much I suck.

  2. Strava’s a bit of a mixed blessing; I mean, there’s friendly competition and there’s compulsiveness, and confusing the two kind of creates mixed agendas on group rides, which sucks. But if these sorts of products can help riders flow from fun ride into structured intervals and back with just some unobtrusive prompts, I’d like that. I just don’t know if I’d new-wheelset-dollars like it.

  3. This would be even more useful to me if it could show me real-time Gaps in Races and for Time Trials: the seconds in front or seconds behind the leading time . Wow! That would make it worth the new-wheels-dollars 🙂

  4. Not many people seem worried about the risks of having an RF transmitter stuck to their temple!!?? I don’t care what safety standards it ‘complies’ to……

  5. Funny because the same guy who will be using this won’t see the irony of adding more weight than he just spent $2500 on a pair of wheels to remove…

  6. I agree with notapro. I don’t pay for Strava, but I’m amazed at the amount of people who pay for it and barely ride. Enjoy the ride. Pay attention to the road and not so much to all of those numbers.

  7. Demetri, the UCI bans racers from using something like that. Even if they didn’t you’d need way more staff at local races to collect info like that and upload it to some sort of central server, making the race far more expensive.

  8. The d0uche factor has just been cranked up to 11. I stopped riding with some “buddies” due to their over dependence on Strava. Nice mellow MTB rides have turned into slamfests with nary a word exchanged at beautiful vista points. MTB rides are slowly turning into road rides, where the talk slowly morphs from IPAs and weed to watt output and power meters.

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