Photo submitted by Stephan Wijland, “The photo was taken during the descend from the Flüela Pass: to protect our feet from the cold and the snow, we put plastic bags over them. Taken during a bike trip I completed (in July) with a friend of mine, from The Netherlands to the Maratona dles Dolomites granfondo in Italy.” More from his trip after the break.



The top of the Flüela Pass, which is the road from Davos to Livigno, Italy.


The ascent to Davos, Switzerland



  1. @matthew…The frame looks to be a Renovo from Portland. Beautiful wood frames …which in a pinch could be burnt for additional warmth if the bags over the feet don’t work.

  2. The frame is a Renovo R1 wooden frame. You can find more info about it in the topic I did about on: weightweenies.starbike.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=95003

  3. I was at the Maratona this year too, for my third time. There was fresh snow when I got to Corvara and snow again a couple of days before the fondo. In two weeks in Italy around the end of June, I had only one day that felt like summer. In 2012, I did the Maratona in short sleeves all the way. This year, wool undershirt, arm warmers and vest all the way and I decided to pack it in after completing the short course. Brrr!

    It’s still a great place to ride.

  4. To be picky, the Fluela Pass goes from Davos to Zernez, Switzerland. That’s not far from Livigno, Italy (as stated in the captions) but you’d need to do at least one more climb before getting there. Also, there are other ways to get to Davos, but that gravel track looks like one of the more fun routes.

  5. @ChrisW. I had the same thought. Caption puzzled me having ridden the fluela pass but having never been through Livigno. Had to check the map to confirm.

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