LG Dream Factory

Joining the likes of Trek’s Project One, Parlee, Cyfac, and other programs that allow customers to custom tune the paint job on their new ride, Louis Garneau has taken the wraps off of their new Dream Factory paint program. While not quite as in depth as some of the options, the LG Dream Factory does offer something unique – the ability to customize a Course or Quartz II helmet to match your new paint job. We all know that a matching helmet is worth at least a couple of watts.

Check out the options, and start dreaming about your next bike after the break.


LG is currently offering the Dream Factory program for road bikes only with the Gennix R1,R2, E1, Women’s E1, T1, and come mid-February, the TR1 and TR1 UCI. Each bike is able to be customized with one of 20 base colors and a few options for other decals and accent colors depending on the package.


The cheapest option is the $275 option 1 which allows for a base color of your choice and white or black decals with a matte or gloss finish. At $375 you get into option two which adds your choice of an accent color, and finally the $500 option 3 which allows you to customize the graphics color. Further personalization is available with the possibility to add your name and Country flag free of charge. Customized helmets are available with the Quartz II adding $154.99 or the Course an additional $217.99 with a limited amount of coloring that can be changed.


  1. LG are what they call “catalog bikes”, they don’t do much in house design. Here they are pushing their clothes and helmets, not necessarily the bikes.

  2. Even in Quebec….

    Their bikes have nothing special and they are not cheaper. I don’t see why someone would buy a LG except for the name… which probably does not mean much for someone outside of Quebec.

  3. The Gennix series is quite awsome..the R series pedal to wheel energy is impressive,specially in climbs.The E series comfy and still stiff…great bike too!

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