The original Wahoo RFKLT computer acted as a slave monitor for your iPhone, displaying the selected ride data on the screen along with controls for your music. While the company also sold Bluetooth speed and cadence sensors, many of us already had ANT+ devices or were eyeing the massive gamut of them available, particularly power meters.

Wahoo sensed the need and launched the RFLKT+ through Kickstarter, aimed at bridging the gap – literally and technologically. The “plus” version cycling computer acts as a wireless bridge between the two transmission formats, converting ANT+ sensor data into BT, beaming it to your iPhone to plug into your choice of apps, then spit back out to the RFLKT+’s screen. They even built in a barometric altimeter, leaving no stone unturned in the quest to make your iPhone the center of your cycling system.

As Wahoo’s grown, so has the app selection that’ll work with RFLKT. You can now stream data to its screen from Strava, MapMyFitness, Cyclemeter and more (full list here). Retail is $149, just $20 more than the original. Check the full bullet point feature list below…

  • ANT+ bridging functionality connects your iPhone directly to your ANT+ devices like power meters, speed and cadence, heart rate and more
  • Fully integrated with the best cycling Apps including Strava, Wahoo Fitness, Cyclemeter and MapMyFitness
  • Full iPhone integration for access to GPS, music, and App functionality
  • Fully customizable to show any number of data fields on up to 8 screens
  • Automatic updates via iOS App
  • Accurate barometric altimeter
  • Coin cell operated, requires no recharging with a battery life of 1 year
  • 1.75 x 1.2 inches LCD screen with a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels with the ability to view at any time of day



  1. I got mine via the kickstarter campaign, I got the head unit, Ant+ heart rate strap, and an Ant+ cadence/speed sensor. A week of usage so far, very happy to have dumped my Garmin 800. No removal to upload data, no removal to charge the head unit. The Rflkt+ will suck you iPhone dry! I’m using it with my iPhone 5s, the iPhone battery hit 19% in about 6 hours of usage, during that time, I checked my email 6 times, and took 4 pictures. Today I got a heavy/ugly battery case which I’ll only use on rides.

  2. @Eyal
    Wasn’t the whole point of this to minimize your phone battery usage? In addition it is a smaller form factor than a phone, but then almost every bike computer made is smaller than any phones.

  3. this is too expensive. Should be something like half the price of a garmin edge 500, at least, but it’s not, it’s [deleted] expensive… Shame shame… Maybe in 5 years they make it. Not there yet.

  4. I got mine through the Kickstarter campaign as well and had a bit of a rocky start. I got it configured perfectly with Wahoo’s ANT+ heart rate strap and speed + cadence sensor. After that it sat on a shelf for a couple of days and when leaving for my first workout with it, it didn’t respond at all.

    I replaced the battery and it sprung into life. Then again, after a couple of days the battery was flat. I contacted Wahoo and they gave me very good service, the diagnose was that there is a process refusing to go to sleep mode and it’s a hardware issue. At the moment a replacement unit is on it’s way. Hopefully no more problems with the new unit when it arrives.

    I rode two times with the old one. On my road bike I had speed + cadence, heart rate and altimeter as sensors. On my mountain bike I had heart rate, altimeter and GPS. On both occasions my iPhone 5’s battery held up better than with the RunKeeper app, which I have used before with a Bluetooth Smart heart rate strap and the GPS. So based on my experience, the RFLKT+ with the Wahoo Fitness app do very well in regard of iPhone’s power consumption. For example on my road bike ride, the battery charge dropped roughly 20% in about 2 hours and 60km of riding.

    But there is that one thing. I experienced some signal drop offs between the RFLKT+ and my iPhone during the mountain bike ride. My phone was in my center back pocket and the RFLKT+ was mounted on the stem. A couple of times it lost connection and I had to start it again but as long as the phone’s GPS is logging the miles, not much is lost. This seems to be the usual case with ANT+ technology’s deliberately weak signal strength and a human body (which is basically water) blocking them, but for some reason I didn’t experience this issue on my road bike.

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