Nalini 1970s wool polyester classic cycling jersey and bibshorts with real leather chamois

We geek out about clothes as much as we do bikes, and there was some pretty killer kit on display. We did full coverage on Gore Bikewear, Hincapie and  Sugoi, and here’s the rest with a lead out by Nalini.

Italian brand Nalini makes many of the Pro Tour kits you see ridden in le Tour, but they also make some unique branded apparel, too. We’ve reviewed a few of their items in the past very favorably, and now we really, really want these throwback bits.

The Nalini Pois Ti is a $190 poly/wool retro polo-style jersey (left) with twin front button pockets. It, and the 1970 Wool bib short ($186) celebrate the year Nalini was founded. On the right is the seamless, circular knit Milano Ti jersey that’s absolutely fabulous.

Plenty more stuff for road, mountain and aprés bike below…

Nalini 1970s wool polyester classic cycling jersey and bibshorts with real leather chamois

The 1970 shorts have a real, actual leather chamois. Remember those?

Nalini Rain Jersey and cycling gloves

Rain jersey was worn by pro teams branded by others, they make a lot of kits for a lot of people. It’s a water resistant materials with drain holes in the pockets. The gloves have flip over finger covers for rides that start or end much cooler. Put it all together with their face cover and shorts and you’ll fit right in with the HiViz yellow trend.

Nalini camouflage jerseys

They also had these sweet camouflage and urban camo jerseys.

il Ciclista camouflage cycling jersey

At Eurobike, il ciclista had a bit darker version.


Solo is a UK brand that makes a range of apparel, but the standouts are their Classiques jerseys. The material is thicker than most of the paper thin mesh current summer jerseys are made of, giving them a more upscale, comfortable feel. The cloth collars and arm cuffs add to that. Each design is inspired by a country, with colors, words and graphics matching. Shown above is Ireland, Germany and Russia.


Click to enlarge to see the detail. He also did some custom kid-sized versions for Wishbone, which we featured in this kid’s bike roundup.

Vaude bright colored mountain bike clothing for kids and adults

Vaude also had some kids clothes, some of the only full featured technical mountain bike kit we’ve seen for youth. Very cool, and in the same obnoxiously awesome bright colors as their adult clothes. Hey Club Ride and Zoic, are you seeing this?


If Vaude’s wares aren’t bright enough, Weby’s mesh vest (mostly for runners) is reflective for night time safety.

Clockwork Gears cycling themed t-shirts

For more casual times, there were quite a few doing cycling themed t-shirts. Clockwork Gears had quite a few killer designs from individual artists.

Clockwork Gears cycling themed t-shirts

Many of the prints were also available as, um, prints. Check them out at and use FALL30 as a promo code to save 30% off any order through December 15, 2013.

pedal pushers cycling themed t-shirts

Pedal Pushers had their growing range of local flavor tees along with some international designs.

Handlebar Mustache cycling themed t-shirts

Handlebar Mustache’s tees were a bit more irreverent. But that’s OK, because everyone could stand to…

Handlebar Mustache cycling themed t-shirts


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