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Photo submitted by Erik Eagleman, “This is an awesome trail that is cut into the side of the mountain from Austria into Italy. An actual bike trail. ”

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  1. From Austria to Italy? Sure?
    I was sure that the entire Val d’Uina is in Switzerland… but I guess I was wrong then.
    More likely it’s either in Sweden oder Swaziland.

    By the way, it is NOT a bike trail, it’s a hiking trail with a sign at the trailhead that strongly advises mountain bikers to dismount. There’s been casualties on that trail, btw, from cyclists misjudging their skills. A Dutchman died there in the summer of 2012. Sadly, there’s no room for error on that particular trail.

  2. Hey Gunther, thanks for the post! After seeing the image I above was really interested in seeing more about the trail. Your shots really put it in perspective.

  3. It goes from the Switzerland to Italy. The Val d´Uina starts near Sur En. That´s Switzerland.
    But it is near Austria. The Region is near the Reschenpass. It is a place, where Austria, Italy and Switzerland meet.

  4. The valley you see in this photo ist called “Val d’Uina” and it is in Switzerland. This particular part is absolutely not a bike trail, like Laurens mentioned already. If you go further up – that would be on the right side of this photo – you reach the “Schlinigpass” which is already in Italy.

  5. I´ve been there a couple of years ago.. It is not a bike trail.. a few bikers died when riding some points it´s wide enough but you have to get of to climb a couple of sections and probably lost there balance there and whent down the cliff

  6. Sorry for the mistake. I guess people out there are pretty concerned about the correct info! I started the ride in Nauders, Austria. So that’s why I said Austria. And yes it was not a certified “bike” trail, however, we passed tons of bikers on it and there was nothing keeping the bikes off the trails. More like “ride at your own risk”. Anyone who wants to go on a great ride near this area, do this! Also check out the Reschen lake (reschensee) with an old church steeple sticking out of it!

  7. Val d Uina. Switzerland to Italy. Have been there. You cannot ride it but have to push. To narrow and not very high. Gtting into it is quite an act as you have to carry the bike. The experience is well with it. Water rushing below you, the drop, the view… Do it.

  8. more of this please. i’m getting at the age where i’m fixing to get across the Atlantic for a bike pilgrimage before too long and i need to start narrowing it down to a few of the “must do” rides.

  9. A bit of confusion. It IS signposted as a Swiss bike route, but signs tell you to push through the gorge. I’ve been through there 3 times, and once I had a guy overtake me riding! I thought he must have 100% confidence in his riding. Then he fell off. But not off the path into the gorge. I thought I was going to watch him die. He just got back on his bike as if nothing had happened and carried on riding.

  10. I love this quote: ”I guess people out there are pretty concerned about the correct info!”

    Dude is completely out of touch with reality!

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