3T Di2 seatpost battery holder

Missing from the new product spread at Eurobike was 3T’s new Di2 seatpost battery mount. It’s a pretty simple affair, using a stainless steel lip and alloy body that weighs in at just 12g. From the looks of it, you could shove it in any seatpost, and suggest retail is just $7.00.

While not exactly new, they’ve hinted that their torque wrench set would make a nice holiday gift. There are plenty of torque wrenches out there, electric and mechanical, and plenty with a wider range of torque settings, but there’s just something eye-catching about this one’s included oversized  bits. Click past the break to for a peek…

3T torque wrench

The conversion table and bit size graphics make for a great quick reference, too. Retail is $125.



  1. 3-15Nm, square drive, spring-type clicker, probably single direction. also, this is a cookie cutter me-too torque wrench, the same one rebadged by Pro, BBB, probably RavX and other house brands.

    Topeak’s D-Torq:
    1-20Nm, 1/4″ hex bits that are cheaper and much less bulky, split beam strain gauge system, measures torque clockwise and counter-. and you dont have to wind down the setting to the minimum after every use. this one is significantly better than the competing products.

    i do like the simplicity of the battery mount, though… ive seen some way over-engineered ones by others.

  2. @wako29 IT also looks exactly or almost exactly like my BBB torque wrench, I’m sure there’s only one supplier making these for just about “everyone”.

  3. Saw this mount and thought I’d try one in an ISP, ordered direct from 3T and received timely.
    I thought it would have some adjust-ability, an expanding bolt system? – No.
    It’s hollow and you just cram it in, should be interesting…

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