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The days of colorfully anodized parts are certainly back, and thanks to the rise of 1x drivetrains options for aftermarket rings are growing. One of the newest options is from X.K.M., a little known manufacturer out of Taiwan. The company currently lacks a website, but has been operating mostly from their FaceBook page offering standard chain rings, SRAM direct mount rings, and direct mount spiders, factory direct. Details are slim due to the language barrier, but for a list of products and prices flip past the break.

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X.K.M. does show narrow-wide chainrings on their page, but the majority of their rings look like they have standard teeth. Though the company claims they have been using all of their rings without a chain guide – we’re not sure how well they work, but that does mean they are available in odd tooth counts. They also list the direct mount rings as compatible with both GXP and BB30 SRAM cranks, but do not specify the offset of the ring.

XKM Direct Mount rings

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In addition to the chainrings, X.K.M. offers direct mount spiders which are pretty light at 28g and are available in a number of bright colors if matching is your thing.

xkm rings XKM rings 2

XKM Spiders

For more info or to purchase, contact X.K.M. at XKMChainring@gmail.com.

X.K.M Direct-mount Chainring:

Specifications: SRAM S1400, S2200, S2210, X9, X0, X01, XX1 Cranksets

BB Types: BB30 & GXP

Chainline : 48mm (GXP crankset)
Material: 7075 T6 aluminum
Compatibility: 11 – 10 – 9-speed chain
Surface treatment: Hard anodizing
Color: black / silver / blue / red / gold / Green / Orange
Size: 30T/31T/32T/33T/34T/35T/36T


  • 30T —– $59.99
  • 31T —– $59.99
  • 32T —– $66.99
  • 33T —– $66.99
  • 34T —– $73.99
  • 35T —– $73.99
  • 36T —– $79.99

X.K.M Chainring:

Specifications : 4 bolt/104BCD SRAM & SHIMANO
Material : 7075 T6 aluminum
Surface treatment : Hard anodizing
Color: black / silver / blue / red / gold / Green / Orange
Size: 32T/33T/34T/35T/36T/37T

Compatibility: 11 – 10 – 9-speed chain


  • 32T —– $33.33
  • 33T —– $36.66
  • 34T —– $39.99
  • 35T —– $43.99
  • 36T —– $46.99
  • 37T —– $49.99

Specifications: Compatible with SRAM X9, X0, X01,XX1,TRUVATIV AKA
Material: 7075 T6 aluminum
Compatibility: 4 bolt/104BCD

SRAM Direct-mount for 4 bolt/104BCD —–$59.99


  1. someone needs to do a side by side of all the wide-narrow (sram, race face, wolf tooth, endless, X.K.M.) surely one of these is doing it better.

  2. you lost me at “made in taiwan”

    there are too many american made products in this segment of after market rings, not to support them.

  3. @K11 There all made in Taiwan, Race Face is not a US company, and most of their new product are made here in TW. SRAM Is 100% TW company. You may be surprised to know often these parts are all made by the same company in TW with only differ branding.

  4. @merida bikes. why do people insist on telling me where things are made? by the way
    it is – THEY’RE. also i never mentioned the companies you listed!

    wolf tooth in minnesota, endless in ashville, NC – there are more in north america, but you get the point.

    @thomas, you are correct. BUT bike rumor is an american site, so that is where i was headed.

  5. Hello!
    About Direct-mount Chainring description, GXP & BB30 is not universal, is the same style Direct-mount Chainring with GXP & BB30 two kinds of type specifications, BB30 Chainline as 43mm, GXP is 48mm, I’m sorry I instructions causing your misunderstanding!!

  6. @ Merida Bikes. What crack are you smoking? SRAM is absolutely an American company. That’s like saying Apple is a 100% Chinese company just because their products are manufactured in a Foxconn factory in China. SRAM was founded the US and is absolutely based (primary headquarters) in Chicago, Illinois–only a couple of hours from where I live:


    They are a multinational–mainly due to acquisitions.

    They have headquarters in Taiwan and (oh!) the Netherlands as well. Does that mean they are a Danish company?

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