Niner One 9 RDO carbon fiber singlespeed 29er race hardtail mountain bike

Introduced at Eurobike alongside the new WFO9, the ONE9 RDO is purpose built for racing. It’s designed specifically for use with 1x or singlespeed drivetrains, and it’s wicked light. Two build options are available, one with X01 and the other as a singlespeed, and they’re just about to start shipping. If you haven’t already hit up your local dealer, now’d be a good time.

For those who prefer bigger, more playful bikes, two new tech/play videos were just posted, and we’ve got ’em embedded below…

While their first “tech” video was really just for fun, more of a warmup for their new studio, the new RIP9 RDO pivot service video is the real deal. Until it gets silly.

More for fun, they also just put out this video of the ROS9 getting rad. I’ll admit, when this bike was first announced, I didn’t get it. Then I rode it, and it really does put a smile on your face.


  1. I am getting sick of the sea of green niners at every xc race. I have personally decided to go with the santa cruz highball because they didn’t offer another colorway.

  2. @badbikemechanic,

    Thats to bad, the Niner Rides and handles SOOOOO much better than the Santa Cruz! I had a Highball, Now have the Air 9 RDO! Its Bad ass. Color isnt everything!

  3. Picking a race bike because of the color. Wow.

    I think what he meant to say was, “I am getting sick of getting outrun by the sea of green Niner bikes at every xc race”. 🙂

  4. I will probably never own a Niner but I do like their bikes. The singlespeed RDO is a proper bike in my world (singlespeed & rigid). As far as color goes I’m kind of surprised more companies haven’t gone more into custom colors like many other industries (shoes, cars, etc.). I will admit, I’ve completely discounted buying a bike because of the color, in part because I’m not going to buy a new frame and then turn around and send it off to be repainted for another chunk of money. That’s probably part of the reason I buy the bikes that I buy.

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