Less than 2 months after Teva teased us with their prototype Virgin freeride shoe at Interbike, the company has informed us that they will be stepping away from the mountain bike world completely at the end of 2014. The announcement comes as quite the surprise after a run of successful models like the Links, Carbon, and the Pivot clipless. According to Teva PR Manager Jaime Eschette, the exodus isn’t for lack of passion or interest in the mountain bike brand, but rather allow them to shift focus and resources as they prepare for Teva’s 30th anniversary in 2014. All of those involved in the mountain bike project are sad to see it go away, but are excited about future opportunities with Teva and the success of the mountain bike brand in a short period of time.

Of course this means that the Virgin prototype will never see production as new model production has ceased. Teva mountain bike shoes will be available at retail for the majority of 2014, but at the end of the year when they’re gone, they’re gone. Better stock up.

If it means anything, we’re sad to see them go.


  1. Does this mean an end for ALL of teva’s bike lines? Or just the freeride lines? I’m still digging my Teva Roller Mesh for around town riding.

  2. All other shoe mfg take note…perfect opportunity to copy proven functionally capable mtb shoes that customers won’t feel like a tool wearing off the bike. Just add a bit more toe protection please.

  3. gutted! my fav bike shoes going to be no more 🙁 bah. 5’10s are like wearing lead weights on your feet compared with the links.

  4. I don’t know the entire line, but some of the Teva bike models had funky colors that turned me off. The sneaker pictured looks great, though. I have Teva water shoes and love them.

  5. The real story from elsewhere:

    “Teva’s parent company, Deckers Corp, is dropping the line of mountain bike footwear. A public company is a slave to its shareholders, not its customers, and the shareholders win and we lose a great line of products.”

  6. i did think the new Pivot’s had potential…..i liked them when i saw them at interbike, but since my Shimano DX are so burly and strong, it’s going to be a few more years of use until they wear out. sad to see Teva go from the mtn bike world for right now as they seemed poised for doing good things. they make great sandals. and that Bormio looks good for snowshoeing….

  7. Good riddance! Their customer service sucks and they make flippers. Yes… having shareholders often makes you beholden to making money in lieu of making a quality product. I really never understand why companies jump in and out of various businesses (i.e. Adidas… bike clothing, WTB… brakes, etc.). Make it or don’t but make a decision. The money wasted is just ridiculous. Anyway… it’s too bad for the people who actually liked their bike shoes.

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