Road Holland Noordwijk Vest (2)

Known for their stylish but functional soft goods, Road Holland has their sights set on outerwear. Specifically the wind vest. Tired of bulky vests that were great when you were wearing them, but not so great in your jersey pocket, the Noordwijk was born out of a desire for the perfect minimalist vest. Like the rest of the Road Holland line, the Noordwijk is “serious and stylish.” Or for lack of a better term, without big logos, cartoons, or flames.

The result is an extremely packable vest that is also made in the US. More after the jump.

Road Holland Noordwijk Vest (5) Road Holland Noordwijk Vest 2

Currently offered in only two colors, the Black and white or Black and Carolina Blue wind vest will set you back $90. Not bad considering it’s made in their Miami, FL factory.

Road Holland Paves the way to Outerwear with new Noordwijk and Kinderdijk Vests

Made from an ultralight polyester material, the vest packs down nice and small for stashing in your jersey pocket when you don’t need it.

Road Holland Noordwijk Vest (6)Road Holland Paves the way to Outerwear with new Noordwijk and Kinderdijk Vests

Simple styling includes either a blue panel on the rear, or just the Road Holland logo. The vest features mesh side panels as well as a hidden credit card sized pocket for credit card sized objects. Not to be left out, the ladies get their own version of the vest called the Kinderdijk. Offered in the same colors for the same price but with a women’s cut, both vests will be available in XS-XXXL.


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